Spotify News – Hardware, Spotlight, Remixer Stream Count, 70m Users & More


Spotify News – Hardware, Spotlight, Remixer stream Count, 70m users & more

It’s been a busy old time over at Swedish streaming giant Spotify HQ. The last few months has seen a string of announcements as the company pushes forward at a great pace trying to keep ahead of Amazon Prime Music and Apple Music.

In a little under a year Spotify has added over 20m users to it’s service, now surpassing 70m a huge number and growth more than doubling that of Apple in the same period. It’s with this backdrop that the company is aiming for an IPO with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissionrumoured to be coming in Q1 2018.

There are also rumours that Spotify is about to get into the hardware game as they are advertising for an ‘Operations Manager – Hardware Products’, it’s highly likely that Spotify are looking to break into a similar marker as the Amazon Echo and Google Home. No doubt worried that Amazon can use the prevalence of their devices to leverage their own music streaming. We are definitely looking forward to see-ing what spotify can pull out of the bag here.

Spotify have also announced a brand new feature called Spotlight which will add a visual aspect to their offering. The feature will allow them to show photos, videos and text along side the music and will feature offerings from a number of partners including BuzzFeed News, Genius, Cheddar and The Minefield Girl.

Finally a couple of excellent bits of news for artists, Spotify have now added songwriter and producer credits with tracks so that the original writers can make sure that the tracks are properly labelled which should help with making sure royalties are going the right direction.

Also a big one for remixers, all streams of tracks they have remixes will now also count towards their monthly stream count, with all track back to 2015 now counting.

Busy and exciting times indeed at Spotify!


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