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Summer is here, Ibiza is already in full swing, the sun has popped it’s head out for the first time in months in the UK and the festival season is just about to kick into top gear. Safe to say things are always better in the sun 🙂

Keeping us stocked up with only the finest sun soaked disco Midnight Riot have another stellar slate of tracks from Groovemasta, Audiowhores & Groove Assassin, Reece Johnson & Vanessa Jackson, Jame Stearck & Alfreda Gerald, Suki Soul & Northern Funk Collective and something really special from the super hot Sonic Soul Orchestra which you can check more on below. You can grab all of those tracks HERE

Also make sure that you check out our first Disco Juice compilation packed with some of the hottest cuts that have featured on this column with tracks and remixes from Jerk Boy, Audiowhores, Birdee, Sammy Decue, Qwestlife and many more of the hottest disco producers out there. You can grab that HERE


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Looking for some hot disco mixes, look no further than the Midnight Riot Podcast which this month features LV favourite young Pulse.

Now it’s time for Yam Who to unleash the 9 hottest disco releases for June x

Disco Juice 9 Essential tunes of the month
Louie Vega ft. Unlimited Touch Music Is My Life Masters At Work Dave Lee

Louie Vega ft. Unlimited Touch – Music Is My Life (Masters At Work & Dave Lee Remixes)


Putting their own unique spins on Louie Vega’s “Music Is My Life” featuring Unlimited Touch, we are treated to two wonderfully complementary yet distinct remixes from these scene stalwarts.

Z Records’ head honcho, Dave Lee, delivers a remix that snaps into life with crisp and punchy drum work.

Both remixes share a tripped-out haze, but Lee’s remix stands out with its distinctive style. When it comes to blending Disco and House seamlessly, no one does it better than Dave Lee.

Grab it HERE

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Sonic Soul Orchestra feat Mr V Mishell Ivon Sueno Latino

Sonic Soul Orchestra feat Mr V & Mishell Ivon – Sueno Latino

[Midnight Riot]

Sonic Soul Orchestra is once again honouring his roots, drawing inspiration from Manuel Göttsching and the Italian Balearic classic “Sueno Latino” by the DFC crew, just in time for the summer party season.

Featuring the vocal talents of Mishell Ivon and Mr. V, “Sueno” epitomizes the sexy, after-hours clubbing era of the late 80’s & early 90’s.

Mishell’s heavy breathing and suggestive vocals, combined with Mr. V’s deep, reflective thoughts, is perfect for that sunset experience. This release is a meticulous reconstruction by SSO, reworking the iconic keyboard motif, adding sublime new guitar parts that beautifully complement Manuel Göttsching’s original E2-E4 version, bringing back the era of rave, eternal chill-out sessions, Balearic bliss, and ecstasy.

Grab it HERE

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Tete de la Course Mandy Jones True

Tête de la Course & Mandy Jones – True

[Drop Dance Society]

Following the success of Tête de la Course’s debut single “The Light,” which marked the label’s first release, the Spanish producer returns with an electrifying deep house anthem.

This time, he’s joined by the enchanting vocals of American singer Mandy Jones on “True” – a spellbinding dancefloor hit. The original mix of “True” exudes a silky smoothness, paying homage to the essence of love and drawing inspiration from the illustrious Kings of Tomorrow.

The Club mix ramps up the BPM, intertwining a groovy bassline with an irresistibly catchy piano riff.

Grab it HERE

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Steve Cobby Fuck No

Steve Cobby – Fuck No


Best known for his work with David ‘Man’ McSherry as Fila Brazillia, Steve Cobby created genre-defying music in the 1990s and early 2000s.

His solo work, released under various aliases before he reverted to his real name, also stands out.

Since “Saudade” in 2014, Cobby has produced exceptional solo albums, including the personal “I’ve Loved You All My Life” (2021) and the innovative “The New Law of Righteousness” (2023).

His upcoming release, “Fuck No,” promises more genre-fluid excellence, showcasing his instrumental skills on guitar, bass, clarinet, flute, keyboards, and live drums.

Grab it HERE

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Various Artists Miles Away One

Various Artists – Miles Away One

[Miles Away Records]

In a fast-paced world, “Miles Away One” aims to offer enduring music. Compiled by label founder Dom Ore, this collection spans continents, eras, and genres, focusing on soulful tracks that deserve to be heard again.

It begins with Idris Muhammad’s spiritual-jazz piece “I’m A Believer,” moving into modern soul and disco. Highlights include Eugene Smiley’s “Yes It’s You,” Solid Gold Revue’s “She’s So Good,” True Transfusion’s “No Communication,” Uneda Dennard’s “Fantasy Ride,” and Ruth Waters’ extended “Superstar.”

The second disc diverges slightly with soundtrack and library music from Czech artist Milan Kymlicka, Argentine composer Oscar Lopez Ruiz, and Italian songwriter Paolo Zavallone. It features oddities like Laine August’s electro-pop “Be My Friend,” Colour’s stripped-back “Deeper,” Paulina Virgo’s Latin “Vale Valor,” and Lady Africa Margaret Singana’s cover of “Why Did You Do It.”

Grab it HERE

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Bosq Kaleta No Be Today

Bosq & Kaleta – No Be Today


After a decade of celebrated collaborations, Bosq & Kaleta present their first full-length album, “No Be Today.” This release showcases their diverse influences, blending West African, Caribbean, and South American sounds with Disco, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, and House.

The album features live horn sections, a mix of acoustic and electronic drums, Kaleta’s funky guitar, Bosq’s keyboards, bass, synthesizers, and layered percussion.

Kaleta’s melodies and socially conscious lyrics span Yoruba, French, Goun, Fon, and English, reflecting his experience with Juju legend King Sunny Ade and Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.

Bosq, on his sixth album, continues his 20-year journey of updating vintage sounds, having collaborated with artists like Ray Barretto and Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou. “No Be Today,” a nod to a Nigerian saying about long-term effort, emphasizes authenticity and handmade artistry over perfection.

Grab it HERE

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Young Pulse Shake Your Body Down

Young Pulse – Shake Your Body Down

[Funky French League]

Bonjour from Paris! Funky French League are excited to announce the release of “Shake Your Body Down”..

This hot new single includes two heavy versions. The ‘Disco Mix’ features a strong 1982 boogie influence, a slight Afro feel, and a bouncy Prophet bass that drives the track. Meanwhile, the ‘Beat Street Mix’ pays tribute to the Electro-Funk era, crafted for dancers with vocoders, long synths with LFOs, and an 808 beat, embodying a true 1984 vibe.

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the talented Young Pulse, these mixes promise to keep the dance floors buzzing.

Grab it HERE

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Fimiani Disco Music EP

Fimiani – Disco Music EP

[Toy Tonics]

Toy Tonics deliver a new house record by producer, DJ, vinyl digger FIMIANI aka BPlan from Napoli / Italia.

This is a perfect combination of everything that’s the basis of real HOUSE music: Afro, Italo, Latin and Soul.

3 killer tracks for the disco dance floors including the party anthem DISCO MUSIC that has been played by Toy Tonics DJ since one year one every label party with amazing results. This is a HIT!

Besides this the new EP also includes Cic Ciac: one amazing latin house song with vocals performed in Neapolitan language that could also work well in radio, and Drums from the Motherland, an afro disco track that connects perfect disco and neo soul house vibes. All recorded with real musicians (no samples).

Grab it HERE

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Quantic feat Rationale Unconditional

Quantic feat Rationale – Unconditional

[Play It Again Sam]

“Unconditional feat. Rationale” is the first single from Quantic’s upcoming LP. Known for his global soundscapes and deep connection to Latin American music, Quantic (aka Will Holland) promises an exhilarating journey through diverse musical influences.

The UK-raised, Brooklyn-based artist has a 20-year discography that spans solo productions, collaborations, and ensemble projects, all characterized by his engagement with local cultures.

His recent album, “Dancing While Falling,” explores electronic and club sounds from around the world, blending rich electronics with global influences and pop elements, showcasing his ongoing evolution and captivating live performances.

Grab it HERE

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Disco Juice Essential White 2
Andy Yam Who

Yam Who?

Yam Who is a DJ, producer, label boss at Midnight Riot and ISM Records and one half of Glitterbox signed Qwestlife.

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