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Following out announcement last month that Midnight Riot is starting a brand new radio residency on Street Sounds Radio the show is now four weeks deep and has featured alongside Yam Who and Jaegerossa, guest sets from Parisian whirlwind Young Pulse, Adam Nova, DJ Faz & DJ Emma. This coming Friday see’s our own editor Le Visiteur stepping up for guest duties with a powerhouse hour of disco and house.

We are also very pleased that we will be hosting the streaming the show via our Le Visiteur Soundcloud account. We uploaded the very first show last week with young Pulse and will be delivering a show a week going forward. You can check that show from one of the hottest DJ/ producers on the scene Young Pulse.

Not stopping there, as always Midnight Riot have a strong release slate this month with tasty tracks from Birdee, Rafael Yapudijan, Yam Who Brian Lukas & Mr Smith, Forbidden Fruit and the brilliant Soul Sonic Orchestra alongside a packed compilation from The Ladies of Midnight Riot. Check all of those HERE

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Now it’s time for Le Visiteur disco Editor Yam Who? to deliver the 9 hottest disco releases for April 2024.

Disco Juice 9 Essential tunes of the month
Michael Gray Fly Away

Michael Gray – Fly Away

[Sultra Records]

Dive into the enchanting world of ‘Fly Away,’ a timeless masterpiece shaped by the remarkable vocals of Kimberly Brown, known for her work with Sounds of Blackness. Produced by Michael, this eagerly awaited track is now set for a full-scale release on Sultra Records, with exclusive publishing clearance from the legendary Stevie Wonder.

This mesmerizing single offers a taste of the brilliance to come on Michael’s upcoming album, ‘Optimism,’ slated for release this summer. Featuring soul-stirring melodies and uplifting lyrics, ‘Fly Away’ is accompanied by ‘Never Let You Down,’ another standout in House music excellence, with Anthony Poteat and LaMay on vocals.

Grab it HERE

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North End Cant Put No Price On Love

North End – Can’t Put No Price On Love

[Z Records]

Originally recorded in the late 1970s with musicians from Diana Ross’s ‘The Boss’, ‘Can’t Put No Price On Love’ is North End’s elusive single.

This disco gem predates their well-known track ‘Happy Days’ and finally resurfaces after 40 years. The ‘Club Mix’ is an authentic, energetic New York disco tune with full orchestration, captivating vocals by Jocelyn Brown & Dennis Collins, and an irresistible groove.

The EP also features two versions of ‘We Can’t Live Like This Anymore’ – an original synth-heavy disco-boogie mix and a fantastic ‘drum break’ percussion tool.

Additionally, there’s a superb instrumental dub-disco cover of The Temptations’ ‘Cloud 9’.

Grab it HERE

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East Coast Love Affair Love Of Mind

East Coast Love Affair – Love Of Mind


Some hot action from AOTN & a William Stuckey’s killer 12″ featuring a double-sided treat! First up, we have a house banger from Athens of the North studio band East Coast Love Affair, sampling William Stuckey’s ‘Love of Mind’ and diving deep into its vibes & already crowd.

On the flip side, Athens of the North’s good friends, the Flying Mojito Bros, deliver an insane remix of William Stuckey’s ‘Country People’. This remix takes the track to a whole new level, adding some serious 70s bump to the original elements.

Grab it HERE

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Jocelyn Brown Im Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair John Morales MM

Jocelyn Brown – I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M Mixes)

[Quantize Recordings]

Two musical titans, Jocelyn Brown and John Morales, team up once again on a stunning remake of Inner Life’s ‘I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)’ for Quantize Recordings.

This Disco classic gets a fresh new makeover with Jocelyn delivering a powerhouse vocal performance, while John showcases his flawless M+M production skills and talent for creating thrilling arrangements. These two friends and heavyweights of the music scene are ready to set dance floors on fire in 2024.

Grab it HERE

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Fire Island featuring Love Nelson There But For The Grace Of God Alan Dixon Extended

Fire Island featuring Love Nelson – There But For The Grace Of God (Alan Dixon Extended Remix)

[4 To The Floor]

Alan Dixon, owner of Love Attack Records and a prominent figure in nightlife, puts his remix magic on ‘There But For The Grace Of God’ by Fire Island, featuring vocals by Love Nelson. Originally a disco classic from 1994, the Heller & Farley original received acclaim with their Roach Motel remix.

Now, disco aficionado Alan Dixon steps in for remix duties two decades later. With regular airplay on BBC Radio 1 by Danny Howard and Pete Tong, headline performances on global stages, and a longstanding residency at Savage, London, Alan Dixon has solidified himself as a favorite among knowledgeable house music enthusiasts. His deep understanding of disco and expertise in remixing the genre shines through in ‘There But For The Grace Of God’, blending his signature style with lively piano stabs and pulsating organ melodies.

Grab it HERE

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Forbidden Fruit feat Nimiwari All Night Long

Forbidden Fruit feat Nimiwari – All Night Long

[Midnight Riot]

Forbidden Fruit is the alias of Antwerp-based producer Toon Janssens, also known as a skilled beatmaker. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with esteemed artists such as Chrome Brulée, DELV!S, Up High Collective, and Baloji. Known for his sets steeped in the Acid House, Italo Disco, and Boogie Funk vibe, Forbidden Fruit’s latest EP, ‘All Night Long,’ released on Midnight Riot Records, draws inspiration from the infectious sounds of 80s Boogie and Disco.

The EP features the remarkable vocals of Nimiwari, who has previously lent her talent to collaborations with DJ Spin, Lenny Fontana, and Krucial.

This package includes a captivating dub excursion and an electrifying, up-tempo remix by Glitterbox recording artists Qwestlife.Forbidden Fruit prefers to craft his tracks using his live setup, eschewing the use of a computer. He opts for stereo recordings straight from his mixer, embracing imperfections and avoiding endless revisions, instead working with the raw essence of his creations.

Grab it HERE

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Dr Packer Elektrik Disko My Lovin

Dr Packer & Elektrik Disko – My Lovin

[Fool’s Paradise]

Two of Australia’s top Disco House talents hit Fool’s Paradise this March: Dr Packer & Elektrik Disko team up for ‘My Lovin’.

This vibrant new dancefloor anthem pays homage to Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King’s 1981 soul classic, ‘If You Want My Lovin’. Infused with their signature Aussie Disco flair, the duo elevates the BPM while still honoring the 80s vibe. Get ready for pulsating synths, retro disco boos, and heartfelt vocals.

The package also includes Elektrik Disko’s punchy piano-led mix, featuring an irresistible bassline, uplifting brass, and funky guitar hooks.

Grab it HERE

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Various MFSP Volume 1

Various – MFSP – Volume 1

[Music For Swimming Pools]

Featuring music as the title suggests, from friends and label family including Fernando Pulichino, Rudys Midnight Machine, Max Essa, D.S.D, Gold Suite, Fabulous Lover, Uj Pa Gaz, Robin Twelftree, Marius Varied, Coyote, Reverso 68 and Pete Herbert.. a collection of exclusives and tasters of projects to come, as well as tracks that previously dropped on the label getting a deserved vinyl debut, compiled by MFSP head Pete Herbert.

Musically its joining the dots from Soundtrack styled downtempo cuts to Balearic flavoured slow House and Spaced out organic grooves.. All with a common thread that we feel encapsulates the sound of MFSP.

Grab it HERE

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Al Kent Welcome To The Dub EP

Al Kent – Welcome To The Dub EP

[Million Dollar Disco]

After the triumph of last year’s Stranger Danger EP, we present its follow-up collaboration: another 3-track release where we had complete freedom over the design and music. Just like before, the only condition was to veer into leftfield territory. You’ll find a pair of dubbed-out remixes of classic disco tunes, with a touch of depth to conclude.

The test pressings, which surfaced and promptly vanished a few weeks back, garnered a positive response, so we’re confident you’ll be pleased with your purchase. No digital release on the horizon for this one.

Grab it HERE

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Disco Juice Essential White 2
Andy Yam Who

Yam Who?

Yam Who is a DJ, producer, label boss at Midnight Riot and ISM Records and one half of Glitterbox signed Qwestlife.

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