Bels Lontano – Orchard – LV Premier


Bels Lontano – Orchard – LV Premier

Our premier today comes from US based artist Bels Lontano from his upcoming EP. Orchard is a seriously interesting track, it’s a track which has a really unusual sound. If you had to pigeonhole it in an already existing genre I guess it would have to be somewhere in the region of deep house. Bels however, has titled it ‘spectral house’ and who are we to disagree. Orchard has a really ethereal sound. The drum programming skips around a solid 4/4 with a really punchy bassline keeping things moving, meanwhile the synths flicker in and out merging seamlessly with some off kilter percussion to create some really great textures.

We like!

More on Bels Lontano

Bels Lontano is an electronic music project from composer/producer Bret Bohman. Inspired by an eclectic range of musical and non-musical sources, the project explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth through the creation of rich sonic tapestries and melodic beat music stemming from the traditions of IDM, hip-hop, contemporary classical and ambient. Many of the tunes from the project began as a way to cope with stress and anxiety while navigating through academia and themes like acceptance, frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed are many times at the fore of the music. Now, with the upcoming EP “Kind Decade,” a culmination of material will be released that was ten years in the making.

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