Brian Kage talks new album Timeless Times, the Detroit scene and drops a brilliant Delano Smith Worship Mix


With a brand new album, Timeless Times, out on his own Michigander label on 7th May Brian Kage has delivered a real masterpiece of Detroit House and Techno.

Although this is Brian’s first album he is a storied producer and a staple on the Detroit scene having previously released on Planet-E, Craigie Knowes, We Play House, FXHE & Berettamusic. He is a hugely respected figure within the scene and quite rightfully so.

His productions are full of depth, soul and energy, an exciting tapestry of all that is brilliant with the Detroit scene as Brian reverently joins the dots between the icons and originators and where Detroit is right now.

Timeless Times is a 19 track collection spread across four records and featuring legends like Mr. V, Milton Jackson, Jon Dixon, OB Ignitt, Luke Hess, Taho, Mesha Monique, RBJ, and many more. It also has one of the most incredible special edition boxes we’ve laid eyes on, it’s a total bargain at $78 and there are only a handful available. Be quick x

We had a good chat with Brian about the album, his career, Detroit and Delano he also stepped up the the LV decks and put together a Worship mix for us to one of the Detroit OG’s Delano Smith. Check it below and please give it a share over on Soundcloud if you love your Detroit House and Techno and help us spread the word. You can also grab the full tracklist at the bottom of the interview.

Hi Brian

Good to speak to you again.

How have you been over the last couple of years since we last spoke? What projects have you been working on?

Whatup Le Visteur team! I’ve been working on a lot of things. I completed an EP that was released on the super dope label, Cragie Knowes, I did some solo EPs for my label Michigander, some new material with my bro Luke Hess as Reference (Catch us performing together at Movement this year), some new material with my bro ADMN for his label infolines, dabbling with twitch streaming (, re-introducing our label Beretta Music with my good friend Ryan Sadorus, signing new artists from Detroit and beyond, and finishing my very first Solo Album, Timeless Times.

How would you describe your musical vibe right now in 2024?

I’m trying to create music that stands the test of time or is timeless, which has roots in classic Detroit style records, but with a futuristic edge.

How are things in Detroit right now? Would you say that the scene is still as vibrant as ever?

I would say it’s buzzing right now. A ton of growth from new, emerging artists, and amazing re-developments within the city. There are many upcoming events within the Detroit, sports teams are becoming exciting again (besides the pistons.) A nice mix of community initiatives and development. It’s a great place to live and visit.

Which artists from your local scene past and present have inspired and encouraged you and what parties that you love going to have helped your musical evolution?

Juan Atkins, Delano Smith, Norm Talley, Stevie Wonder, Kenny Dixon Jr., Omar S, Carl Craig. Parties – Under the bridge, random raves at the firehouse, and clubs like Motor in Hamtramck have all played a major role.

Please can you choose 3 of your own tracks which are quintessentially Brian Kage and tell us a little about why you have chosen them.

909 Nights

I love the blend of the smooth, melodic Detroit-y elements with Raw TR-909 programming.

Keep Em Movin

The combination of Delano Smith’s tough and tracky drums mixed with my melody and arrangement work is a great combo for the dance floor.

D Twah

Again, I love the blend of the sombre yet optimistic Detroit-type melodies, with the disco-y house grooves on this one. Taho is mega underrated and did some amazing piano work.

You are just about to release your debut album Timeless Times what can you tell us about the album and how long has the process taken you?

When I launched my label Michigander in 2015, I envisioned the tenth release to be a personal milestone: my own debut album. This project took extensive effort and time to develop a collection of tracks that fit with my vision. Throughout the process of creating earlier EPs for the label, certain pieces emerged that didn’t quite fit those projects but seemed perfect for a more album-oriented listening experience such as this. One of these tracks dates back to 2005, almost two decades ago.

Some folks ask why I chose to produce such a comprehensive album (19 tracks!)

The reasons are deeply personal. Last year, the loss of my father profoundly impacted my outlook on life—its precious brevity and swift passage. This album became a way to encapsulate and share a significant portion of my life’s work, inviting listeners to deeply engage with the music beyond the quick and fleeting interactions typical of today’s digital age.

As technology, especially AI, evolves to simplify and accelerate creative processes, I felt a need to create something authentically organic before these tools potentially diminish the craft. This album challenges the norms of our social media-driven, brief attention spans by offering a classic, organic dance music experience that unfolds over 90 minutes, especially in its vinyl form. It’s designed to take listeners on a journey, filled with hidden gems and mysteries to uncover—a celebration of the enduring allure of the unknown.
If today were my last day making music, this album would stand as a fulfilling testament to my artistic journey.

You assembled a whole host of collaborators for the album who was all involved and what do you think they brought to the process?

I sought to work with some of the most talented people I know from Detroit and world-wide! Musically – Mr. V, Jon Dixon, Taho, Walter “Hazmat Live” Howard, Milton Jackson, Luke Hess, OB IGNITT, Mesha Monique, Jon-Paul Bakaric, RBJ, and more surprises. Each of them brought their full flavour and musicality to this album. And of course, the heroes behind the scenes– Josh, my art director, Kevin aka LA-4A who did audio finalising, Jeremy who did a ton of video work, Sharon with the PR, my agents, Dietrich for mastering, Archer Records for Vinyl pressing, Upstairs Asylum for distribution, my sister helping work some of the packaging ideas, and my wife, who is my co-label manager! I could have NOT done this without any of them.

You are releasing an incredible special edition box set of the album. We’ve had a sneak peak and it’s one of the best special editions that we’ve ever seen here at Le Visiteur. Please can you tell our readers what’s all included and how they can get hold of one?

Wow, thank you! I’ve been dreaming of doing something like this for a long time and I’m so glad it worked out. You can get your box HERE

My good friend David made the wooden boxes. He creates some amazing racks and furniture for musicians. Check out his stuff at This is for sure a passion project and not a money-making endeavour, but I’m so glad to offer something special and unique like this for my fans.

You have just recorded a Delano Smith Worship Mix for Le Visiteur. Why did you choose Delano and how did he influence you personally?

Delano is such a great guy, and an amazing talent from Detroit. He’s been there from the beginnings of house and techno alongside Juan, Derrick, and Kevin, and is just consistently one of the best DJs and producers the city has to offer. He’s also been battling cancer the last few years, but he’s winning the fight thanks to everyone showing him support and positivity You can help out his fight by donating HERE

I probably play a Delano song or two in every set I do cause he’s so dope. I’m so honoured to call him my friend and colleague in this business. I can’t say enough good things about the man, so here’s a mix I put together of all his jams!

What are some of the key tracks in the mix which have really resonated with you?

One of the key tracks I love from Delano is our collaboration together, which is “Keep ‘Em Movin” I think it’s a true statement about Detroit Techno and House, that we’re just keeping it real over here in the D.

Which other artists DJ mixes do you find yourself coming back to time and again and do you have a favourite that you gravitate towards?

I really enjoy Laurent Garnier’s mixes and Ryan Elliots mixes. I love the variety of tracks they play and the chances they take.

How are things going with the studio, what services do you specialise in and how could our readers work with you?

Yes, I do mixing and mastering! I have, where I specialise in electronic music, hip-hop, and dance. Feel free to reach out to me if you need some work done. I love helping everyone out! Find out more HERE

What else can we expect from Brian Kage in 2024?

You can find me playing the Movement Festival and Tectroit Festival both in Detroit with my good buddy Luke Hess as “Reference.” I’m also preparing a new liveset of all my material that I will debut at TV Lounge in Detroit May 4th. I’ll be playing alongside the talented Jon Dixon. I’m hoping to take the show on the road and play some more gigs and get some opportunities overseas from clubs and festival that like to take risks and go on adventures from the normal. 🙂

Thanks for speaking to us Brian and good luck with the album!

Thanks so much, I appreciate you guys for taking the time as well.

For more info on Brian Kage and Michigander please check:

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Delano Smith Worship Mix – Mixed By Brian Kage – Tracklist

Delano Smith – Moon Dance
Delano Smith – Inspiration (Makam Remix)
Delano Smith – I Feel This
Delano Smith – Lost Synth Part II
Delano Smith – More Powder
Delano Smith & Brian Kage – Keep ‘Em Movin’
Delano Smith – Tea Break
Delano Smith – Celebration
Delano Smith – Unreleased Disco Jam
Delano Smith – Twisted Dreams
Delano Smith & Sillygirlcarmen – Freak
Norm Talley – Cosmic Waves (Delano Smith Remix)
Delano Smith – Constant
Delano Smith – Dirtiest Clean
Delano Smith & Brother – Symbiosis II
Delano Smith – Midnight (Carl Craig Remix)
Delano Smith – An Ode to a friend

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