Loyal – Patterns That Fall


Loyal – Patterns that Fall

Hailing from Brighton Loyal have been around since 2016 but have recently overhauled their line-up moving from 3 permanent members to a live set-up of 7 players. Their sound has developed at a pace with the additions moving from fully digital productions to a more organic live sound.

‘Patterns That Fall’ is the 2nd single from their upcoming EP which is due out in December and see’s the band give a nod to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, the harmonies especially are straight out of the Mac playlist circa Rhiannon. That is if you can imagine Fleetwood Mac produced through the cherry Gallic haze of Breakbot.

The lead vocal is superb and the bands description of the track is well worth a read as you are checking it out.

“The song represents us as human beings falling through our limited time here; The binary code happening behind our endless social media scrolling, even the rain as it falls. In that reflective Monday morning mood it felt as though everything in life was a mere pattern falling with little direction or rule. The comfort is to know we are all experiencing the exact same thing – and embracing that is all we can do.”

We love this one!

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