LV Premier – Lu/Lu & LYMA – Can’t Stop Overthinking [Lumberjacks In Hell]


Lumberjacks in Hell is easily one of my favourite labels since LV launched. Marcel Vogel’s labour of love delivered a near endless list of incredible timeless music before taking a break over the pandemic. Thankfully after a two and half year hiatus it’s now fully re-invigorated and has a stream of tight releases heading our way and we are definitely here for that.

Hot Molten Lava is a collaboration between creative powerhouses Lu/Lu and Lyma, the latter also a co-collaborator of Marcel’s on his recent brilliant Boogie Angst releases. Packing in 7 tracks the EP both showcases their considerable creative chops and also the direction of Lumberjacks in Hell for 2024. As always it’s left of field for Lumberjacks, picking tracks which work both the dancefloor and sound pretty much perfect at home for repeat listens. Music that could justifiably crossover to the masses but is utterly essential for the underground. A pretty much impossible tightrope to walk but done with some aplomb here.

Our premier today from the EP is the enigmatic ‘Can’t Stop Overthinking’. It’s equal parts euphoric, enthralling and utterly delicious.

Great to have you back!

Grab the EP HERE

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