Warm – Real Time Worldwide Radio Monitoring!


Warm – Real Time Worldwide Radio Monitoring!

This is a brilliant tool for all the music producers out there. Warm allows you to keep track of how your tracks are doing on radio across the globe.

WARM is a worldwide radio airplay monitor, covering 124 countries and 23400 radio stations through which you can monitor any song in real-time on radio stations worldwide.

You can track your songs either via their extensive database which has 27 millions songs already uploaded or you can also upload your own song which is scanned and then tracks are logged via Warm’s fingerprint technology which gives 100% match to tracks played.

Imagine being able to give your PRS/ PPL forms in with every single play of your track or being able to plan your tours with the knowledge of where your songs are gaining the most airplay.

To try out Warm click HERE

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