Abelton announce Live 10 is ready for 2018 release.


Abelton announce Live 10 is ready for 2018 release.

It’s an exciting day for all the Abelton producers and live performers as they have announced a brand new build for 2018 ‘Live 10’ with loads of new features.

The new build promises bolder sounds, workflow improvements and a curated library as well as “the unlimted potential of Max for live, seamlessly built in” which promises significant improvements on CPU usage.

There are a host of new devices including ‘Wavetable’ a new synthesizer derived from analog synths, ‘Echo’ which brings classic analogue and digital delays, a new drum buss “a one-stop workstation for drums” and ‘Pedal’ which brings overdrive, distortion and fuzz from guitar pedals.

Abelton are also integrating a new feature ‘Capture’ which records your ideas even if record isn’t armed so you can get on with the spontaneity of production.

All in this looks like a major step forward for Abelton as far as making production a much simpler process goes so we can’t wait to check out Live 10.

Check out the LIVE 10 release page HERE and the promo video below:

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