Pioneer DJS – 1000 Sampler


Pioneer DJS – 1000 Sampler.

Pioneer are back raising the bar once again with what looks like a stunning piece of kit, the DJS-1000 standalone DJ sampler. The unit looks great and is styled very similarly to Pioneer CDJ’s which allows it to fit easily in any DJ setup. The DJS-1000 can sample from CDJ’s and turntables and features a step sequencer and on board FX allowing you to sequence and loop your samples on the fly.

The unit features a 7 inch colour touch screen, 16 multicoloured step input keys, multicoloured Performance Pads similar to the ones on the high end controllers DDJ SX2 & SZ as well as a host of inputs and outputs.

The 7-inch screen gives DJs all the performance information via sequence patterns and instrument icons assigned to the Performance Pads.

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If you are into truly pushing the boundaries of Djing this is definitely the piece of kit for you. It allows you to sample, beatmatch and loop artists allowing you to completely re-write the track you are playing. It plugs into the set up via Ethernet as you would link CDJ’s.

The unit also features a touch strip which allows you to change the pitch or play a drum roll by hitting the Note Repeat option. It has fully customisable parameters to allow for even more creative possibilities.

Check out the promo video below

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