Pioneer develop new network for visual effects


Pioneer DJ co develops a network system to allow co-ordinated lighting and visual effects.

Pioneer have collaborated with TC Supply to build a network system around their Rekordbox management system to allow DJ’s to co-ordinate sound and visuals.

This new network system will allow DJ’s using the CDJ-Tour1, CDJ – 2000NXS2, DJM- Tour1 & DJM-900NXS2 to build a viusal show controlling lights, lazers and videos and co-ordinate them to their DJ set triggering light colours and brightness, smoke, pyrotechnics and other effects alongside the music.

This is a seriously exciting piece of software which will allow DJ’s to create whole interactive shows and forward thinking venues to build something truly spectacular.

Pioneer and TC Supply plan to start licensing the use of rekordbox information to partner companies for use with show control software over PRO DJ LINK in spring 2018. so much more information on this to follow.

More info on this to follow.


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