Antonin’s 11 Most Important French Disco Records


Antonin grew up in the picturesque Cap Ferret peninsula in southwest France and his music which is informed by that upbringing has been described as “sun-soaked, free as the air, essential as water.” His debut album, “En Silence,” was an ode to the sea and stillness. Now it has been reworked by a slew of talented producers including Yuksek, Kraak & Smaak, Omri Smadar, Lazy Flow and Dorion. Together they have delivered En Silence Remixes via Parisian Label Ekleroshock which features everything to tropical bliss to disco and boogie joy taking Antonin’s gentle tones and delivering them straight to the dancefloor.

You can grab the Album HERE

To celebrate the release Antonin gave us a playlist of his 11 most important French Disco records.

Antonin’s 11 Most Important French Disco Records

1 – Patrick Juvet – C’est beau la vie

Because life is beautiful and Patrick is too.

2 – France Gall – Besoin d’amour

This song is from Starmania, the best French musical comedy ever.

3 – Get A Room! – Jolie Annie

Originally from old French singer Joe Dassin. This rework by the Parisian – DJ and producer duet is a gem!

4 – Mireille Mathieu – Ciao Bambino Sorry

Because I wear a moustache and cowboy boots.

5 – Paul Martin (Jean Pierre Castaldi) – Le troublant témoignage de Paul Martin

Because I’m like Paul Martin, and I love orange hair.

6 – Patricia Botton – Disco

When the night turns into disco, Patricia is never far.

7 – William Sheller – Fier et fou de vous

Impossible to be that DISCO and French at the same time.

8 – Guts – Brand New Revolution

The song I play every time I grab my bass on the couch.

9 – La Femme – La Planche

My favourite French band to dance to.

10 – Lio – Sage comme une image

Is she really as good as gold? I doubt it… What do you think?

11 – Poom – De la vitesse à l’ivresse

I wish I could be in that car …

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