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I’m writing this month’s feature whilst hiding out in my studio bunker, a windowless breezeblock tomb hiding in the trees that shields me from the heat. I have enjoyed the summer so far, I’ve done a couple of festivals been out to some great events but in general if it’s above 30 I hide in here and the positive outcome of my aversion to heat is I can sort some label business plus have time to catch up with promos and new releases…

Check out some of the finest mixes in the run down in the mix below!

Simon Hinter – Guess Not

Release: Guess Not
Label: Moment Cinetique

Simon returns for a release with ourselves that follows up on his successful Before Choppa EP that came out last year. Since then Simon’s profile has grown significantly including a release on Disclosure’s edition of the legendary DJ Kicks series. Simon is one my personal favourite producers, he covers a decent spectrum of vibes whilst all his productions have a rich and authentic sound. Lead track Guess Not is a big, summery, disco-influenced terrace number whilst the heavily-supported Once Again brings big brass stabs over some intricate percussion and Got To Be Up finishes the EP in a deeper mood with even more percussive highlights but this time over some sombre keys.


Christian James & Jeff Swiff -Night At The Beast BBQ

Release: Throwaways EP
Label: Nicewon Recordings

The shuffling, detuned, dusty kind of house music we really love has mostly been a European sound over the years and recently South Africa has also been flying the flag. Over the pond it’s Minneapolis based label Nicewon Recordings that’s had the most consistently high quality releases in this little niche.
With this release label bosses Jeff Swiff and Christian James have put together a stellar 4-track EP. Unquantized grooves, wobbly synths, hip-hop influences all over the place, all 4 tracks are quality and on an old Wentink/Graef tip.


Jason Hersco – Everytime

Release: Everytime EP
Label: Apparel Music

Staying on the other side of the Atlantic there’s a new EP from Canadian producer Jason Hersco via our friends at Apparel. I loved his Sad Girls Luv Pizza EP from earlier this year and his release is a worthy follow-up. All three tracks are beautifully produced, groove filled deep house that each feature vocal elements perfectly matched for the summer.


Alton Miller – Give It Up (Boddhi Satva Afrika Soul Remix)

Release: Essentials Ya Dig EP
Label: Quintessentials

Detroit legend Alton Miller joins the always quality Quintessentials this summer. Title track Where U R is a jazzy deep number with emotive vocals and a smoky sax line dominating throughout and Hard to Lose is a laid back, multi-layered slice of Detroit. The star of the show in my opinion though is Boddhi Satva’s remix of one of Alton’s tracks from 2010 Give It Up. It’s a complex and affectional Afro House reworking ideal for the early sets, late sets and with it’s heavy perc rhythms it’s even ideal for switching it up peak time.


Yannick Roberts – Femme Fatale

Release: I Can’t Hide from Myself EP
Label: Freerange

Yannick Roberts brings a different flavour to Freerange’s usual output with a more club focused EP and another release that it’s hard to pick a favourite from. The EP’s title track is stripped back with an infectious bassline that carries all the way through with Glorious Illusions and Desalniettemin providing Felipe Gordon-esque club tools. Femme Fatale is my choice with it’s atmospheric start switching up with rave style stabs and punchy bassline.


Medlar – Interruptor

Release: Interruptor EP
Label: Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur have great form of putting out tracks that are slightly off centre or a bit experimental, like some of their previous releases from the likes of Andy Ash and Soul of Hex. I wish is worth a purchase as a lovely slice of soulful deep house but it’s the title track I really love. There’s not many elements, a warped double bass, the odd vocal hit and a myriad of percussive arrangement but that’s all you need when the groove is this good.


Mark Hawkins – I Can Feel It

Release: I Can Feel It
Label: Aus Music

After 8 very successful years producing more underground targeted music under the moniker of Marquis Hawkes (The Phoenix Part 2 has never left my USB and always goes down a treat) Mark Hawkins shifted a couple of years ago to a direction trying to amalgamate all of his 25 years in the game.
His latest EP on Aus is headlined by the title track I Can Feel It and it’s a pure offbeat bass drive, feel-good, piano house weapon. Nothing in-depth and intricate just a track sweating positive energy that’ll do a job most places this summer.


Retromigration – Cold Brew

Release: Green Light EP
Label: Healthy Scratch

Dutch DJ/Producer Retromigration supplies the first release for LA based label Healthy Scratch, initially a vinyl only release last month saw the digital versions available after a couple of years via Bandcamp. Since this EP’s initial release Retromigration’s stock has risen sharply with some quality outings on some premier labels.

The Green Light EP showcases his usual high levels of production with four tracks of jazz laden house cuts with the shuffling dusty vibes of Cold Brew being my personal favourite.


Cassettes for Kids – I Was So

Release: Turpin Falls EP
Label: Gallery Recs.

Aussie wonderkid Cassettes for Kids has always offered something a little different, with his tracks offering intricately woven layers of analogue warmth, percussive overlaps and really fine attention to details within his productions.
It’s hard to describe the genre where the EP would fit on the whole, most of the ingredients lean towards the deeper side of house with everything have a rich depth but then taken up a gear by being driven by some really high energy percussion and thunderous kicks.
I Was So is the most suitable for my kind of style, the bpms are taken down a touch but the little analogue touches and ethereal soundscapes remain, the sort of track you’d imagine would have rung out around warehouses in the early 90s if they’d had the production standards of today.


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