Balearic Headspace – Volume 6 inc DJ Yam Who? DJ Mix [Midnight Riot]


As we head towards the second half of the European summer season Ibiza has been looking as busy as it has for years thanks to the post pandemic bounce.

Having already had their own stand-out Ibiza moments this year Midnight Riot have again picked up the baton from of their Balearic Headspace series. Now on the 6th edition it’s been a brilliant series packed with poolside and sunset ready vibes as well as a few deep club crunchers.

This edition keeps the heat up perfectly featuring tracks from many LV favourites including Hifi Sean, Marc Roberts, Platinum City Ft Suki Soul, Pete Herbert and FSQ as well as host of new names to us but who all deliver scintillating tracks.

Packing 18 tracks in total stand-outs are Hifi Sean & Jean Honeymoon’s deep acid bubbler Sunshine Dub with it’s sweeping strings, enigmatic choir and throbbing bassline and Marc Roberts More Belgian with it’s earworm guitar and synth licks. Platinum City’s Dance see’s Suki Soul in fine form again with a real St Etienne mid 90’s goes disco vibe courtesy of the key line.

Dominic Dawson and Shekara also drop a great version of the Steve Milller band’s Fly like an eagle which has Ibiza written all over it.

Pete Herbert’s South Seas has a proper old school Balearic vibe about it, one for the beach for sure.

These are only a pick from many outstanding tracks.

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You can also check out Midnight Riot in Ibiza this week-end if you are on the island.

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