Paradise Garage – 82 King Street – Scheduled to be Demolished


New York City’s legendary Paradise Garage, home to Larry Levan has been scheduled to be demolished.

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The Paradise garage operated as a nightclub from 1977 until 1987. It became legendary for it’s distinctive musical style known as ‘Garage House’ or more simply ‘Garage’, a term which would be coined to describe a whole genre of music. Based on a similar principle to David Mancusos ‘Loft’ parties it was one of the first clubs to make the DJ and the sound-system the focal point of the venue. The Paradise Garage would have a string of legendary resident DJ’s including Levan, Frankie Knuckles and Nicky Siano who would mix diverse genres including disco, proto house, rock, early house and acts as diverse as the Police, The Clash, Diano Ross and Sylvester to create a brand new sound.

Paradise Garage Logo

This will be a truly sad day for the dance music worldwide as we lose one of the key buildings which our culture was founded on, the music it’s safe to say will never die.

Check out these great sets from Larry Levan – Live at the Paradise Garage in 1979

And from the final night


This was first announced on the Larry Levan Facebook page HERE

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