Philbert Design Camouflage Keyboard Cover


Philbert Design Camouflage Keyboard Cover

After a couple of very close calls with people spilling drinks in the DJ booth and one over zealous champagne sprayer (Dick!) spraying everyone in the booth and front few rows at a recent gig I picked up one of these covers for my Macbook for some extra protection and can’t rave enough about it.

It looks great and it’s incredibly thin at only 0.1mm so it feels totally natural on the keys. It’s made out of strong silicon so it’s dust and more importantly waterproof. It is also easy to fit and creates a really nice seal around the keyboard. Finally it is washable so you can take it off and clean it if any spillages do occur.

Whilst it won’t protect you from a full on drunken pint of lager moment it is definitely an added layer of protection for your valuable macbook.

It’s one size fits all so they fit 13″, 15″ & 17″ macs. Check the video below for more info!

For more info check them on:

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