Age of Love – Age Of Love (Funkerman Mix) – Free Download.


Age of Love – Age Of Love (Funkerman Mix) – Free Download.

Age of Love is quite simply one of those tracks that without which electronic music might sound quite different. Originally released in 1990 it has gone on to be remixed and reworked by a who’s who of electronic music notching up more than 100 re-releases. The classic 1992 Jam & Spoon ‘Watch Out for Stella’ remix really set this one off when it featured on Sasha and Digweed’s legendary Renaissance The Mix Collection CD. That remix would help it go onto be one of the key tracks which helped develop Trance. Interestingly there was never to be a second Age of Love single, maybe they knew they would never top their debut single.

For this remix Funkerman has stayed close to the feel of the killer groove of the original, keeping the instantly recognisable female chant vocal intact. In come some proper drums and a surging bass synth along with some great acidic pad synths which drive it along and build in and out of the superb breakdowns.

Superb rework of a true classic.

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