Anoraak – Something About Us


Anoraak – Something About Us

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut album ‘Nightdrive With You’ Parisian producer Anoraak is releasing the full album remastered on vinyl for the first time along with carefully curated remixes and unreleased tracks from the same era. It looks like a fantastic release so make sure you check it out. If this track is anything to go by definitely one to get excited about.

You can grab it from HERE

‘Something about us’ is a track which was recorded in 2008 but which has been reworked and remastered as part of the album release. It’s a delight of a synthpop track and a sound which sounds just as fresh in 2018 as it would have in 2008 despite it obvious 1980’s leanings. The vocals are fantastic, the track has grace and warmth, it’s cool but equally important it’s loads of fun. This is a an artist who pays serious reverence to his antecedents but who has developed their sound into something fresh and invigorating.

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