Chuggin Edits – We Are Devotion – LV Premier & Polymorphin’ EP


Chuggin Edits – We Are Devotion – LV Premier & Polymorphin’ EP

Chuggin Edits continues his prodigious output with a top class 5 track release for Alpaca Edits. It’s a package which veers from classic guilty pleasure vocals to deep groovers, a perfect 5am or chill beach track-listing.

Lead track We Are Devotion, our premier for today, see’s Chuggin Edits chopping up some seriously classy 70’s chill vibes to create another late night jam of the highest order. It’s a classic vocal but the Chuggin Edits treatment turns it into something fresh and vibrant.

Champagne Charlie and Bit By Bit fall into similar territory as he brings that trademark Chuggin Edits sound to bear on another couple of classic vocals. All are given that sprightly sunshine feel as Chuggin Edits brings vitality and some excitement back to the tracks.

Track 4 The Peach Sees him enter much deeper territory for a smooth groover whilst Track 5 Pleasure see’s him tackle a lesser know track which he still manages to turn into something that is no less immediate.

Another superb EP!

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