Criminal Practice – Beach Party – Le Visiteur Online Premier


Criminal Practice – Beach Party – Le Visiteur Online Premier

Our premier today comes courtesy of Three Point Oh Records an offshoot of the excellent Thirty Year Records.

Hailing from Kiev Criminal Practice are behind some of the hottest parties in their city and are also behind the well loved mix series of the same name. Keeping the hype going they have just dropped the excellent Beach Party EP of which we are sharing the lead track today.

Beach Party is full of attitude, the drum kit is huge, it rumbles through the speakers like an out of control juggernaut, add in a monster of a rolling bassline which bounces from start to finish, some white noise and various vocal stabs and synth rolls and you have a track which will create havoc if you drop it at the right time. On paper Beach party is a fairly simple track but it’s one which develops into much more than it’s constituent parts.

Tracks 2 and 3 on the EP ‘I Made A House and It Is Deep’ and ‘Moderate Moves’ between them more than keep the momentum going on the EP from the deeper I made and it’s sublime chords and excellent use of melody to the more acidic Moderate Moves this is an EP which demands to noticed.

A great release!

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