Hi-Lite Scan – Comeback


Hi-Lite Scan – Comeback

This is a really superb album on one of our favourite labels on the moment Double Cheese and it is also an album with an interesting back history. Recorded in the 90’s on a variety of hardware including an Atari 1040, Ensoniq EPS Sampler, Kurzweil, Roland synths, a Mackie mixer and a Sony DAT recorder, it’s an album that has sat on the shelf for the best bart of 25 years.

Comeback has a very rounded and polished sound, a sound which takes the best from the 90’s but still sounds fresh today. Comprising 14 tracks of very tasty house music from the deep pad heavy groove of Real Man to looped up tracks with a distinct French flavour, it jumps from heavier electronic club grooves to dubbed out bliss and on to sublime vocal tracks with a couple of great vocal deliveries by James Wilson proving real standouts.

As an album its packed with everything the DJ would need for constructing a set from the warm up to the peak time and quite why it sat on a shelf for so long is a complete mystery but 2018 is all the better for it’s rediscovery.

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