E. Live – Got Me Good – LV Premier (Boogie Angst Edition Two)


E. Live – Got Me Good – LV Premier

(Boogie Angst – Vol II)

Taken from the upcoming and very excellent Boogie Angst Edition Two, which we will be reviewing in full later in the week, E. Live’s ‘Got Me Good’ is a monster of an 80’s style groove brought screaming up to date for 2018.

Production and mastering (take a bow, please) on this track are top of the class. We love the keys and the little guitar stabs, they just transports us back a time when music was so much fun. The track is brilliantly structured, all it’s parts sound simple but they drift in and out perfectly keeping the drama and interest through-out.

We absolutely love this track!

Grab the full album from HERE

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