LV Premier – Eddy Ramich & Roman Rauch – Dayglow feat. Pete Josef (Shuya Okino Remix) [Sonar Kollektive]


Croatian born and Berlin domiciled soulful electronic production don Eddy Ramich has teamed up with talented Viennese producer Roman Rauch and Berlin’s ace Sonar Kollektive for Dayglow. As you would expect from this stellar team the result is rather brilliant.

Dayglow also features Sonar Kollektive’s Pete Josef delivering a deliciously smooth and soulful vocal and Japanese DJ, producer and Kyoto Jazz Massive hero Shuya Okino on remix duties for what is a fully international project.

Fusing warm and captivating live bass with deft keys and sublime drums Shuya’s remix is the perfect combination to harness the brilliant vocal. Delivering Jazz-funk touches reminiscent of STR4TA, Incognito and Freeeze it’s a subtle yet captivating mix.

Eddy & Roman’s original mix is also well worth checking out with it’s pulsating bassline, smooth synths and chunky drums.

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