Fouk – Butterfunk EP


Fouk – Butterfunk EP.

Super classy EP from Dutch aces Fouk. The brilliantly titled ‘Organ Freeman’ is Jazzy yet visceral, it’s packed with stabs, organ runs and cool bass whilst all around it the drums perfectly envelope the track keeping it dance floor intact.

Butterfunk is deeper and more chilled, playing great vocal samples off against each other, add to this a rubbery acidic synth bass and great keys and you have a track that is best sampled on the road to a great night out.

Wrong way is much more straight up dance floor house but with an ever so quirky lead synth, the vocal loops and percussion will keep the feet moving.

Final track winter is a much more laid back affair with smooth pads and 70’s Hill Street Blues synths. Great way to finish off.

Another monster EP from the Fouk camp

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