LV Premier – FSQ ft. Fonda Rae & Chas Bronz – 11 am (Cosmodelica Remix) [Soul Clap Records]


FSQ are back!

Soul Clap Records have been a regular on the pages of Le Visiteur since we launched. It’s a label which very much cuts it’s own groove delivering both intriguing and exciting music which also has an uncanny knack of causing some serious dancefloor joy. All the boxes ticked as far as we are concerned.

The label has been up and running now for 11 years and to celebrate they are releasing a compilation of remixes by and for some of their longtime artists who are all part of the Soul Clap family. Step up Funkadelic, Underground System, Nona Hendryx, Michael the Lion and a whole host of incredible talent including of course Soul Clap.

Our premier today see’s another LV regular FSQ team up with Fonda Rae and Chaz Bronz with the ridiculously talented Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy delivering a truly spell binding Cosmodelica remix. Groove heavy bass, a devastating vocal, funky as hell keys, wah guitar licks and subtle but deft percussion all combine perfectly here for a monster dancefloor groove.

We have more incoming from Soul Clap on this release so make sure you check back in next week.

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