Le Visiteur’s House Music Tracks of the Year 2023


As we see out the final days of the year it’s time to look back over what has been another stellar year for club music. For my first ‘best of the year’ countdown I have picked 9 of the finest House Music from across the year. These are the tracks which shone on the dancefloor both here in the UK and all over the globe. The tracks are in alphabetical order but feel free to pick your favourite and let us know which ones your love or share any that you think should have made the run down via our socials.

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Le Visiteur’s House Music Tracks of the Year 2023

Bellaire Sunset Ballad Moodena

Bellaire – Sunset Ballad (Moodena Remix)

[AOC Records]

Kicking things off we have a rather sublime jazz meets jackin’ house affair with two of our favourite artists, French producer Bellaire and Tropical Disco don, Moodena, who delivered this wicked remix.

Taken from Bellaire’s album of the same name Sunset Ballad Moodena gave this track a monster dancefloor re-vibe giving Sunset Ballad just a little extra added zest.

Smooth, jazzy laced and delicious, but with bags of dancefloor charm, just the way we like them here at LV.

Grab it HERE

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Braxe Falcon Elevation Paul Woolford

Braxe & DJ Falcon – Elevation (Paul Woolford Remix)

[Smugglers Way]

Safe to say that the house legend count on this track is high and as you might expect from Alan Braxe, DJ Falcon and Paul Woolford they have combined to create something rather spellbinding.

From the sublime harmony heavy vocals to the otherworldly throbbing bassline Elevation is a track which ticks all the boxes for the dancefloor and has more than enough left over for repeat home listening.

Already tickling us to boiling point and just when you thought it couldn’t get any higher look out for some proper rave piano and funky guitar which set this track off perfectly.

Classic euphoric hands-in-the-air house vibes from start to finish.

Grab it HERE

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Girls of the Internet Affirmations Extended

Girls of the Internet – Affirmations (Extended Mix)

[Classic Music Co]

Classic had a stellar 2023 with a string of stunning releases leading to it featuring twice on this run down and it could easily have had many more entries.

First up is Girls of the Internet’s string laden Affirmations.

Featuring Anelisa Lamola with a marvelous lead vocal Affirmation was co-written by Sophie Faith who helped cram it with an effusive soul.

This is a track which does exactly what it says on the tin, five minutes of life affirming joy.

Grab it HERE

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Honey Dijon featuring Dope Earth Alien – Its Quiet Now The Sunlight Extended

Honey Dijon featuring Dope Earth Alien – It’s Quiet Now (The Sunlight Extended Remix)

[Classic Music Co]

Honey Dijon is one of the true superstars of the House Music scene and 2023 has seen her star continue to shine as bright as ever following on from her stunning must have Black Girl Magic album and Grammy win in 2022.

Our short list for this run down also featured her brilliant track Stand but club monster It’s Quiet Now just pipped it at the post.

A proper dancefloor freak-out It’s Quiet Now featured on the Slap EP which also hosts the rather stunning trio Show Me Some Love, C’s Up and Not About You.

Every track on the EP is a winner but if you want proper scenes It’s Quiet Now is the one.

Grab it HERE

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James Curd I Am One I Am Many

James Curd – I Am One, I Am Many


Landing right at the start of 2023 James Curd’s effervescent house jam I am one, I am many was just the tonic we needed in the depths of winter to get us shimmying and looking forward to a year with hope that brighter times were ahead.

If only the endless horror show of politicians on both side of the Atlantic could have delivered for us, fingers crossed for 2024.

In the meantime we still have some incredible music like this to keep us dancing together.

Grab it HERE

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Kiko Navarro DJ Pippi Willie Graff NFumbei

Kiko Navarro, DJ Pippi & Willie Graff – N’Fumbei

[Afroterraneo Music]

Afroterraneo Music founder and all round production don Kiko Navarro joined forces with friends and fellow Balearic heroes DJ Pippi and Willie Graff for the ‘Tempistica Mistica EP’. 

Featuring two heavy hitting Afro-Latin cuts and a drum laden dub the whole EP banged.

Stand-out though was N’Fumbei which is heavily inspired by Cuban conga rhythms and fused live percussion, horns and vocals to devastating effect.

World sounds twisted into dancefloor ready house music, this one is a bone-fide dancefloor bomb.

Grab it HERE

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Melvo Baptiste feat. Jamie 3 26 Annette Bowen – Gonna be alright Extended

Melvo Baptiste feat. Jamie 3:26 & Annette Bowen – Gonna be alright (Extended mix)


Sometimes you just need a proper hands-in-the-air gospel edged houser and here one of Glitterbox’s main men Melvo Baptiste has delivered just that, a full on stomper of a track.

Featuring Annette Bowen and Chicago legend Jamie 3:26 on vocal duties this one has so much feel-good packed up in it’s tight piano led grooves that it’s 100% guaranteed to take the roof off wherever you drop it.

Expect Gonna be alright to feature heavily on NYE across the globe.

Peak time club house bliss.

Grab it HERE

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Radio Slave Strobe Queen

Radio Slave – Strobe Queen


Radio Slave dropped this 12 minute long house masterpiece back in March. Safe to say this one wasn’t made with Tik Tok in mind and for that we can definitely be thankful.

Deep Hypnotic piano house music with huge pads, subtle cow bells, undulating beats and just a whole lot of class.

Breathtaking vibes.

Grab it HERE

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Rekids Facebook
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Roisin Murphy DJ Koze – Cant Replicate 12′ Edit

Róisín Murphy & DJ Koze – Can’t Replicate (12′ Edit)

[Ninja Tunes]

Can’t Replicate is the stand out track from Róisín Murphy’s excellent album Hit Parade which is well worth seeking out in it’s own right.

Produced by Pampha don DJ Koze you can expect 7 minutes of twisted hypnotic throbbing house music. This is the perfect track for those 4 am sets where everything is just a little hazy.

Whilst this list is in alphabetical order and every one of these tracks is a proper stand out, if I had to pick just one to take to the proverbial desert island it would be Can’t Replicate, a track which has pretty much worn out the LV HQ soundsystem in 2023.

Stunning club gear.

Grab it HERE

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