Le Visiteur’s Deep House Music Tracks of the Year 2023


Having already covered the House music tracks of the year HERE next up is our pick for the 9 finest Deep House tracks of the year. Subtle, euphoric, electronic, spacey, throbbing masterpieces we have them all.

The short list for this one was actually pretty looooong, with honorable mentions also going out to Rahaan, Josh Wink, Vince Watson, Foremost Poets and Demarkus Lewis who all came super close to making it onto this list.

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Le Visiteur’s Deep House Music Tracks of the Year 2023

Detroit Rising Peace Harmony Kaidi Tatham

Detroit Rising – Peace & Harmony (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

[Down Jazz]

The Detroit Rising project dates back to 2018 and featured some of Motor City’s hottest talents.

This year saw some of the finest producers from around the globe come together to give their take on the project including Jimpster, Sean McCabe and EVM128.

My favourite pick from the album is this sumptuous broken beat rendition of Peace and Harmony from Irish producer Kaidi Tatham.

Soulful, lush and quite stunning!

Grab it HERE

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Felix Dickinson ft Blane Lyon Peoples People Ron Trent

Felix Dickinson ft Blane Lyon – People’s People (Ron Trent Remix)

[Ugly Music]

It would seem it’s now a tradition for our end of year charts to feature at least one Ron Trent track and this year it’s his stellar remix of Felix Dickinson ft Blane Lyon’s People’s People.

Originally recorded in 2001 this re-release also features remixes from Felix, Crazy P and Brother Love Lee who all do serious damage.

Ron Trent though just steals the show for us with this groove fuelled gem, stirring up emotion and euphoria aplenty courtesy of that throbbing bassline, synth stabs and passion filled pads.


Grab it HERE

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Fritz Wentink Intentions

Fritz Wentink – Intentions

[Wolf Music]

London’s Wolf Music has become a regular feature on the pages of LV. Consistently brilliant they deliver quality every single time.

Our pick of their tracks this year is Fritz Wentink’s Intentions, a Jackin’ deep house gem packed with intrigue.

Beats packed with dancefloor crunch, smooth Soulful vocals and haunting jazzy tinged keys all combine for a left of center dancefloor love bomb.

Elegant and euphoric yet packed with dancefloor skill.

Grab it HERE

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Jason Hersco Dylans Groove

Jason Hersco – Dylan’s Groove

[Moment Cinetique]

Moment Cinetique also feature regularly on LV. Every release is properly vetted for dancefloor satisfaction so we are straight down the front when a MC release pops onto our radar.

Dylan’s Groove is a bomb, pure and simple. Throbbing bass, jackin’ beats, quirky vocal lines and that wigged out synth line all give lots of punch.

Grab it and check the rest of the labels output while you are there.

Classy vibes.

Grab it HERE

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Jimpster Crackazat Natural Child

Jimpster & Crackazat – Natural Child

[Freerange Records]

Definitely one of our favourite LV premiers of the year from UK Deep House legend Jimpster and Crackazat who has also become one of the hottest properties on the scene over the last couple of years.

Across the EP both artists showcase their own unique skills unleashing house music which to quote the label covers “a spectrum of moods from classic soulful to deep, atmospheric, contemporary house.”

Natural Child is a wonderfully warm deep house track which captures both artists essential essences perfectly.


Grab it HERE

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John Rocca – I want it to be real Late Nite Tuff Guy

John Rocca – I want it to be real (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)

[South Street]

John Rocca’s I want it to be real originally dropped in 1984 via the streetwise label. Pushing the boundaries of disco and Brit Funk and fusing them with electronic sounds, it quickly became a club classic rocking clubs from the states to the UK and across Europe. 

I want it to be real still sounds effervescent and fresh today.

Thankfully the excellent South Street label picked it up for a new lease of life and commissioned Australian edit king Late Nite Tuff Guy to work his magic on it.

This remix actually surfaced in 2021 and landed on vinyl in late 2022 but it was really the middle of 2023 that it started to do some serious club and specialist radio damage.

Fusing a throbbing bassline with ear-worm synth solos and vocal effects and more than a hint of Detroit Machine funk it’s been smashing dancefloors all over again.

I spoke to LNTG earlier in the year. You can check that interview HERE

Grab it HERE

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Laroye Potion for love

Laroye – Potion for love

[Local Talk]

If you had to bet your mortgage on a labels next release being stunning Local Talk would be a sensible option.

Equally Laroye has been on a golden run in 2023 and here they combine for the vibey, sultry Potion For Love.

Pro tip, make sure you also pick up Laroye’s other Local Talk 2023 outing Let It Go for added extra quality deepness.

Grab it HERE

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Manuel Sahagun Feel Alright Fred Everything

Manuel Sahagun – Feel Alright (Fred Everything Remix)

[Yung Dumb Canada]

Feel Alright touches across multiple genres from deep house to the very edges of techno.

Argentina’s Manuel Sahagun has been popping up over and over with some quality releases recently and here he is ably helped by one of the remixes of year from Lazy Days don Fred Everything.

Combining acidic bleeps, dubby drums, wicked vocal stabs and a thumping hypnotic bassline this one is the full bhuna.

Close your eyes and imagine this on a huge system in your favourite basement club at 3am with a ton of smoke and a filickering strobe. Sheer bliss

File under closer!

Grab it HERE

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Mark E Body Map

Mark E – Body Map

[Delusions of Grandeur]

Mark E is a proper underground head and the perfect match for Jimpsters Delusions of Grandeur label which shares his unrelenting vision of quality music.

Bodymap arrived on the flip side of his ‘Enchantment Under the Sea EP’. Mid tempo, yet pulsating, seemingly simple yet subtly complex and melancholy yet hypnotic and euphoric it’s a track of perfect contradictions.

Understated bliss!

Grab it HERE

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