Le Visiteur’s Nu Disco Tracks of the Year 2023


Having already covered the House music tracks of the year HERE and Deep House Tracks of the year HERE now it’s time to move over to the funkier side of Le Visiteur as we count down the finest Nu Disco tracks of 2023. This was another hotly contested category with a plethora of talented artists helping to push the boundaries of disco universe in 2023. We were also lucky enough to premier some of the real stand out Nu Disco tracks of 2023, many of which you can check below.

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Le Visiteur’s Nu Disco Tracks of the Year 2023

Bright Findlay NY Disco Smile

Bright & Findlay – NY Disco (Smile)


Bright and Findlay, aka Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay and James Alexander Bright, released their debut album ‘Everything Is Slow’ LP back in June. It was a real laid back Balearic treat which has been a firm favoruite in the LV HQ this year.

Inspired by the Brooklyn Disco scene lead single NY Disco (Smile) saw them channel their inner Metro area with this soulful take on electro disco, fusing the warmth of RnB and basement Boogie with the grace of early New York Deep house.

Grab it HERE

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Bruce Leroys Helora Tempo Art Of Tones

Bruce Leroys & Helóra – Tempo (Art Of Tones Remix)


Bruce Leroys had a real breakthrough year in 2023, delivering time and again on their newly minted Aureum label. Their debut release on the label Tempo is a worthy addition to this list

Tempo was remixed by Art of Tones, a firm LV favourite who has also had a stellar year featuring twice on this list and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Deliciously funky, Tempo is a 2023 boogie masterclass. Featuring a sumptuous vocal from poet and singer Helóra Galhardo its a real landmark release which showcases yet again just what an incredible place Disco is in right now.

Grab it HERE

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Flamingo Pier Remedy ft Steve Monite JKriv

Flamingo Pier – Remedy ft Steve Monite (JKriv Remix)


The first of three entries from Razor-N-Tape on this list as they dominated the underground Nu Disco scene in 2023 with a stream of stunning releases pushing the disco boundaries.

First up co-label head JKriv works his magic on New Zealand’s Flamingo Pier focusing in on the rubber funk bassline, vocal hooks, wicked synths and ear worm brass licks which combined take this one straight to the dancefloor.

Grab it HERE

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Marcel Vogel Lyma Keep on Stepping

Marcel Vogel & Lyma – Keep on Stepping

[Boogie Angst]

Marcel Vogel’s collaboration with Lyma was one of the stand out highlights of 2023 and truth be told I could’ve picked a number of their tracks for this list. At the very least make sure you also check out the excellent Flame on.

That said Keep on Stepping from their Game Change EP with it’s throbbing bassline, stunning hook laden vocal, Prince-esque synth lines, smooth pads and acidic licks is seriously brilliant and a beautiful open window to the magic that is Vogel & Lyma.

Grab it HERE

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Boogie Angst Facebook
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Matt Masters Ive Opened My Eyes feat Mark Pearson Art Of Tones

Matt Masters – I’ve Opened My Eyes feat Mark Pearson (Art Of Tones Remix)

[Lazy Days]

A second entry on this list for Art of Tones as he adds his golden touch to Matt Masters courtesy of the always brilliant Canadian Label Lazy Days.

Smooth, delicious and beautifully warm AOT injected a large slice of funk into proceedings here with hooky guitar licks and an effusive bassline perfectly harnessing Marks soulful vocal.

As I said at the time this is a track “full of hope and joy, this is exactly what 2023 should sound like.”

Grab it HERE

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Midnight Magic I Found Love Dimitri From Paris DJ Rocca Erodiscotique

Midnight Magic – I Found Love (Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca Erodiscotique remix)


Razor-N-Tape unearthed something of a holy grail here. Recorded more than a decade ago during Midnight Magic’s inspired early period I Found Love had never previously seen a full release.

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca unleashed one of their classy Erodiscotique remixes delivering the track firmly into peak-time disco-bliss territory which also comes with a handy Dubstrumental.

I found love is a real crowd pleaser with it’s bubbling electronic bassline, party pianos, fervent percussion and stellar vocal performance.

Proper classic Nu Disco vibes.

Grab it HERE

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Nebraska Funkbraska

Nebraska – Funkbraska

[Friends & Relations]

Nebraska is a real shining light in the underground club scene producing music that is clearly straight from the heart. Definitely not the most prolific producer out there when he does release it tend to be seriously top class.

Featuring bass from Dan Hawkin’s and keys from Fouk’s Daniel Leseman his track Funkbraska was caned by Session Victim in their sets this year and you can see why. This one is packed full of incessant floor shakin’ funk.

Channeling everything from Clinton’s P-Funk to early French Touch Funkbraska is about as Le Visiteur as they come.

Grab it HERE

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Processman Cady Sou Baiana Dicky Trisco

Processman & Cady – Sou Baiana (Dicky Trisco Remix)

[File Under Disco]

File Under Disco opened the door to the modern Brazilian discothèque with a fabulous release from Processman and Cady this year which featured remixes from Dicky, Joutro Mundo, Processman and JKriv

My favoruite track from the EP is Dicky’s immense electro disco remix of Sou Baiana. Taking all the elements that made the original so exciting it fused super sexy percussion with a bubbler of an electro bassline, loopy vocal chorus chants, hand raising string stabs and euphoric keys.

Packed from head to toe with that Dicky Trisco energy this one was a huge DJ track for me this year.

Grab it HERE

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Underground System Looking In

Underground System – Looking In


NYC’s Underground System dropped a sparkling five track EP Looking In back in April fusing left field funk with a Balearic ethos and a ton of non-stop raucous indie disco energy. The EP featured 3 original tracks and everyone of them banged.

We premiered Looking in which has that quintessential NYC cool flowing through it’s veins.

Indeed the whole Looking in EP has the swagger of a band who are at the top of their game.

With any luck there is an Underground System album in the pipeline for 2024. We are definitely here for that.

Grab it HERE

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