Le Visiteur’s Disco Tracks of the Year 2023


We are getting deep into our end of year countdown’s now having covered House music HERE, Deep House HERE and Nu Disco HERE.

Today I am tackling Disco and Disco house across a couple of individual charts. The disco scene has been on a incredible journey over the last decade from rediscovery and simple edits to a multitude of incredible producers creating their own sublime original cuts. With fresh new producers arriving regularly to give their own exciting spin on the genre and incredible club nights continuing to pop up all over the globe it seems that the disco renaissance is here to stay.

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Le Visiteur’s Disco Tracks of the Year 2023

AC Soul Symphony The Philly Avengers 1

AC Soul Symphony – The Philly Avengers

[Z Records]

Dave Lee, the man behind a more monikers than most producers have released records, has had another golden year dishing up original disco treats alongside remixes galore and occasional edits.

Perhaps his highlight of the year though was his AC Soul Symphony album comprising 15 sublime disco treats. Inspired by Dave’s memories of golden era TV soundtracks the album is quite incredible.

The Philly Avengers is one of the stand out cuts from the album, a superb string laden funked up rework of the theme from The New Avengers.

It genuinely doesn’t get much better than this.

Grab it HERE

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Z Records Instagram

Casbah 73 Doing Our Own Thing Dimitri From Paris Remix Part 1

Casbah 73 – Doing Our Own Thing (Dimitri From Paris Remix Part 1)


New York Born, Madrid domiciled, Casbah 73 hooked up with the excellent Madrid based Lovemonk imprint for Doing Our Own Thing.

Drafting in another Disco legend Dimitri From Paris on remix duties the combination gave us this shimmering slice of joyous smile inducing dancefloor bliss.

From the opening brass and percussion salvo it’s a track packed with energy. Add in smile inducing keys, sultry Chic-esque strings alongside a monstrous bassline and a timeless disco classic was born.

Just the way we love them here at LV.

Grab it HERE

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DOMO DOMO Happening In The Street Tribute To Voltage Brothers

DOMO DOMO – Happening In The Street: Tribute To Voltage Brothers

[Vega Records]

Domo Domo are the duo of Japanese sound engineer Yas Inoue and DJ Takaya Nagase, both based in New York.

This wonderful release which came out on both 7″ and 12″ back in June was their tribute to Jazz Funk supergroup The Voltage Brothers who plied their trade in the 70’s & 80’s.

Powerhouse Latin edged Jazz Funk packed with dancefloor energy and excitement.

A guaranteed end of night closer.

Grab it HERE

For more info please check:

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Vega Records Instagram
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East Coast Love Affair Miracles

East Coast Love Affair – Miracles


East Coast Love affair are the inhouse band at the mighty Athens of the North label delivering scintillating original disco cuts left right and center.

Comprising label don Euan Fryer and Nick Moore they have an album incoming in 2024 and have been warming the dancefloors up ahead of that with a series of wicked 12″s.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch in 2023 was I’m So Glad / Miracles two tracks which they road tested widely at their Athens of the North Disco Club at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

Responses on the floor were so fierce that they pressed up a run of 500 12″s and they are already scarce. Have a dig and you might still turn one up, otherwise head over to bandcamp and grab a digital copy.

Grab it HERE

For more info please check:

East Coast Love Affair Instagram
Athens of the North Facebook
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Athens of the North Twitter/X

Jackie Moore Holding Back Moplen Remix 1

Jackie Moore – Holding Back (Moplen Remix)

[A’s & Bees]

Definitely one of my favourite re-release labels right now is A’s+Bees who are delivering sumptuous heavyweight pressings of dusty classics with each release featuring both the often overlooked or under appreciated original with a modern re-interpretation.

On this release they handed the tapes of Jackie Moore’s delicious Holding Back over to Italian disco wizard Moplen to rework a track originally produced by none other than M&M aka John Morales and Sergio Munzabia.

It’s sublime Disco all round from this all star team. Moplen’s rework hits the spots perfectly taking everything that makes the original special and giving it that extra pizzazz for today’s dancefloor.

Grab it HERE

For more info please check:

Moplen Instagram
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A’s & Bee’s Soundcloud

JKriv Repent

JKriv – Repent


One of the UK’s original club labels Moton has been keeping the fire burning since the 90’s.

Whilst releases are few and far between now what you can expect is a whole lot of dancefloor quality each time they do drop a 12″.

Following on from wicked EP’s from Marc Roberts and The Patchouli Brothers next up to bat was Razor-N-Tape’s JKriv who unleased the scalpels for a four track EP of disco delights.

We premiered Love Dream HERE, perhaps the track which popped up in the most LV DJ sets this year though was the groove heavy brass infused get-down funk of Repent.

With the original drawing plenty inspiration from George Clinton’s P-Funk and JKriv adding in the cuats and chops and everything else required for the modern dancefloor this one is a serious head turner.

Grab it HERE

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Loose Change Straight From The Heart The Moplen

Loose Change – Straight From The Heart (The Moplen Remixes)

[High Fashion Netherlands]

Moplen has been on an unstoppable roll over the second half of 2023 with stunning remixes of Machine, Jackie Moore (above) and this feel-good disco gem Loose Change’s Straight From The Heart.

Originally released via Casablanca in 1979 and produced by none other than Tom Moulton it’s been a bit of a bubbler over the years and here Moplen takes it straight to the peak-time beefing everything up for the modern dancefloor whilst keeping true to the original essence of the track.

If there is any justice out there we expect to see Moplen appearing on many more remixes in the coming months as his stock continues to hit an all time high.

Grab it HERE

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More Amour – Solar Flair

More Amour – Solar Flair

[Hi Quality Records]

Following up their debut release Nightshift / Don’t Look Down, More Amour dropped another blistering double header in the shape of Solar Flair / Heatwave.

More Amour is a collaboration between Artwork and Jon Solo and their releases channel the divine cosmic / Balearic disco edges of the Disco Universe

Solar Flair is a sublime slice of synth heavy boogie brilliance. A pumping bassline merges perfectly with a space age synth to create a moment of real dancefloor bliss. 

Delicious original disco.

Grab it HERE

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Artwork Facebook
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Hi Quality Recordings Inc Soundcloud

Patchouli Brothers Emotional Dancing

Patchouli Brothers – Emotional Dancing


Razor-N-Tape landed no less than three tracks in our Nu Disco track of the year list HERE so it’s safe to say that they have been keeping busy this year.

Whilst they have been delivering a mountain of original disco juice for our listening pleasure thankfully they have also kept their hand in with the occasional classy edits EP.

The one that really caught our attention this year came from Canadian duo The Patchouli Brothers. We premiered Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future HERE and it was a flip of a coin between that and Emotional Dancing for this list but the joyous Emotional Dancing just won out for the perfect end of year pick-me-up.

Grab it HERE

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