LV Premier – Patchouli Brothers – Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future [Razor-N-Tape]


Absolute dream team right here as Canadian disco dons Patchouli Brothers land on Brooklyn’s finest Razor-N-Tape for a four bar of disco edit bliss. This somehow feels like the artist label pairing that we have always been waiting for and boy does it bang in all the right places.

We have a ton of coverage incoming on this release as it would be properly rude not to mark it as hard as we could, so make sure that you keep you eyes peeled in the coming days.

Our Premier today is the blissful EP opener Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future, a love bomb indeed.

The whole EP is just as fire as this opener, packing in enough feel-good disco to give a colossal bear hug to everyone across the worldwide dancefloor who needs one.

Disco edit producers please note, this is exactly how it’s done.

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