Kevin McKay, Landmark – Losing You (Original Mix)


Kevin McKay, Landmark – Losing You (Original Mix).

Its fairly safe to say that there is something in the water over at Glasgow Underground. Their release schedule of late has been completely packed with some of the best house music on offer anywhere on the planet and quite rightfully they have been peppering the download chart top 10’s.

Losing you follows up Label boss Kevin Mckays recent soulful disco house groover ‘Crazy About You’ which went on to top many of the download charts and it’s yet another chart smash in the making for GU.

Build around a huge string loop and a powerfully soulful male vocal it’s the drums, percussion and the rumbling bass which really strand out on this one for me, they are immense, filling the room completely. Rather than just a backdrop they make up a huge part of the track punctuating the vocal and providing a real focal point for the dancefloor.

A very powerful, yet exceedingly funky track.

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