American Promise (Opolopo Rebounce)


American Promise (Opolopo Rebounce).

Opolopo has had another spectacular year in 2017 with the excellent Bits & Bobs EP on Z Records, Lowlife on Madhouse and Transformation on Double Cheese. He has also completed a string of great remixes including club smash ‘Testify’ by Hi Fi Sean on Defected and the very tasty ‘Missing You’ by Artful, Ridney & Terri Walker on Extra Dry.

His latest vinyl release ‘American Promise’ it’s safe to say had a whole lot to live up to and thankfully he has delivered spectacularly.

American promise is a seriously filthy disco track which runs the line of heavy funk. Front and centre are the heavy guitars and punchy bass which give the track a really incessant feel and which combine to drive the track headfirst into your speakers. Despite the essential and powerful groove of the guitar and bass there is still plenty room for a brilliant female vocal which demands to be loved. Add in brass stabs, crowd noises and big breakdowns and this is a track which it is utterly impossible not to dance to.

A truly classic edit!

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