Le Visiteur Spin City Radio – DJ Mix June 2024 – 5th Yeah Anniversary Mix


This Sunday was my fifth anniversary of creating mixes for the brilliant Spin City Radio show on My House Radio. I’ve dropped a mix every quarter across that time and adding in a Christmas special a few years back there are 21 mixes in total for you to check out. Safe to say I put some serious work into every single one of those mixes combining foil fresh future classics with huge club tracks I was spinning at my Le Visiteur shows alongside dusty tracks from the back of the record cupboard that deserved a second shot at glory. I created edits and reworks galore for every show and it’s a series that I’m very proud of indeed, helping me really cement the Le Visiteur sound.

For my fifth anniversary mix I went back across all of the mixes and pulled out some of my favourite tracks that I had un-earthed for the show and put them into a mix which hopefully gives you a flavour of what to expect if you want to explore the series further. Lots of groove, leftfield disco tracks, peak time percussion and a whole lot of fun. You can expect twisted remixes of all time classics next to underground funk-fuelled disco, 80’s back of the shelf heat and a lot of my favourite artists and labels. There are also outings for a couple of scene legends who are sadly no longer with us Mighty Mouse and Soulphiction.

This mix is also my last for Spin City, it was a tough decision to make as I love the show and the team there have been super supportive across the 5 years. I’m making a few changes to Le Visiteur right now and what it will be going forward hence the change but in the meantime I hope that you enjoy this mix and if you want to explore further you can check all my Spin City mixes in a playlist at the bottom. Please give them a share over on Soundcloud and help spread the love x

Le Visiteur Spin City Radio – DJ Mix June 2024 – 5th Yeah Anniversary Mix – Tracklist

Soul City Connection – Brotherly Love (Extended Mix) [Big Love]
Hotmood – I’m Feelin’ Good 2 (Original Mix) [Good For You Records]
Black Sausage – Space Kitten (Long Black 12 Inches Of Love Original Mix) [Good For You Records]
The Patchouli Brothers – My Love (Original) [Basic Fingers]
Souldynamic – Black Night (Original) [Samosa Records]
Love Committee – Pass The Buck (Joe Claussell Mix) [Salsoul Records]
Le Visiteur – Let The Sunshine [Midnight Riot]
Baby’o – In The Forest (LV Edit) [Calibre]
Rafael Fernandez – Margarita’s Disco Machine (Original) [Super Spicy Records]
Hamilton Bohannon – The Groove Machine (Scratchandsniff re-rub QH Quantized) [White Label]
Tung Sol – One For Frida (Original QH) [Tropical Disco Records]
Bumpmen – Bill Murray (Trog version) [LDF Records]
Andy Buchan – Reasons [Sprechen]
DJ Vas – Wizard Funk (Original) [Razor-N-Tape]
Mighty Mouse – The Get Down (Original) [Mighty Wonky Disco]
King Errison – Have a Nice Day (A Marc Roberts Edit) [Moton Records Inc]
Thelma Houston – I’m Here Again (Joey Negro on a Roll Mix) [Z Records]
Michael the Lion – Get More (Original) [Razor-N-Tape]
Studebaker Hawk – Warm My Body (Original) [Paper Recordings]
Krewcial – Mabina (Original) [Midnight Riot]
Oscar Sulley, The Uhuru Dance Band – Bukom Mashie (JKriv’s King Mashie Edit) [Razor-N-Tape]
Aroop Roy – Hustle do Brasil (Original Mix) [Kampana]
Denis Sulta – DKY But I Do (Original) [Sulta Selects]
Soulphiction – Dirty Hot (Original) [Lumberjacks in Hell]
Beam Me Up – Rabbit’s Foot (Original) [Lumberjacks in Hell]
Delfonic – M’s Mistake (Original) [Toy Tonics]
Cratebug – Love Hangover (Cratebug Edit) [White Label]
Gill Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care Of You (Mighty Mouse’s Not So Official Edit TYpe Thingy) [White Label]

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