Lu/Lu & Lyma’s 10 Deep House Treasures


First up on the newly re-invigorated Lumberjacks in Hell, Lu/Lu & Lyma’s brilliant Hot Molten Lava EP lands this month, you can grab it HERE.

A hot bed of styles, genres, ideas and essential song writing skills, it’s as fresh as it is rewarding.

You can check out our premier of ‘Can’t Stop Overthinking’ from the EP below. It’s euphoric, enthralling and utterly delicious.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Lu/Lu and Lyma put together a list of some of their essential Deep House tracks from across the years. Packed with quality, expect tracks from Peven Everett, Seven DavisJr, Channel Tres, Moodymann and many more incredible artists.

Lu/Lu & Lyma’s 10 Crucial Deep House Treasures

Peven Everett – Stuck

Could have put a couple of his tracks in this list, but this one is really something special. Works on so many levels.

Seven Davis Jr – One

One of the tracks that made me fall back in love with house. Played this over and over when it came out.

Galcher Lustwerk – I Neva Seen

Just a breeze. Makes me wanna roll up and keep driving.

Channel Tres – Topdown

I mean come on, when this EP came out it was all I was bumping. Probably wasn’t the only one…

Zo! – We Are On The Move

Killer bassline and the perfect blend of everything nice.

Les Sins – Grind

Nice and dusty, like most things Toro y Moi is involved with. Cruise music.

Moodymann – I’m Doing Fine

Got into the Black Mahogany record skating in my teens and this one is such a breath of fresh air.

Ben Hixon, Stefan Ringer – Shawty Don’t Play

Such a banger. Love what Ben Hixon and Stefan Ringer are putting out.

Cassius – Feeling For You

Wanted to pick one of the French anthems I grew up with. All these jams by the likes of Daft Punk, Modjo and Cassius were very influential, but I especially remember this one on my tiny mp3 player.

Kaytranada – Lite Spots

Great sample, great producer. Been a fan since I found his first EP in a record store in Tokyo.

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