LV Premier – Pete Maxey – Right On [Disco Express]


LV Premier – Pete Maxey – Right On [Disco Express]

Hot on the heels of their brilliant debut EP Disco Express are back with a scorcher of a follow up. Featuring label boss Bustin Loose, The B-Side Tribe and Pete Maxey it’s packed with straight to the middle of the dancefloor, hands-in-the-air soulful disco goodness.

Opening up Bustin Loose gives us both glitter filled barrels with Best of You. It’s an intoxicating dancefloor groove featuring a huge soulful vocal. This is a track which has Philly influences coursing through it’s DNA. Topped off with some wonderful brass hooks and filters in all the right places I can’t wait to unleash this one on a packed dancefloor. No matter how whenever that will be, it’s got scenes written all over it.

The B-Side Tribe’s Big L is a deeper slice of disco. Acid licks, pulsating synths, a big bassline and some very groovy spoken vocals do the damage here.

Final track up is our premier today and it’s another fierce disco gem from Pete Maxey in the shape of Right On, the loopy intro hooks you right in with it’s quality drum licks winding us up for a strong female spoken vocal break. This one is all about the groove and what a groove it is, immersive and hypnotic.

Another winner of an EP from Disco Express, a label to keep a very close eye on.

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