Nick Garcia – Division Sequence (MR PUZL Remix)


Nick Garcia – Division Sequence (MR PUZL Remix).

For producers it’s very difficult to stand out today when music is such a throwaway commodity. We get sent thousands of tracks and month and many of them get sub 30 seconds on the stereo as they either don’t suit musically or spectacularly fail to impress or innovate.

The Puzl remix of Division Sequence has been on repeat for days. It’s a thoroughly exciting cut of melodic Techno which draws the listener in and just envelopes them in beautiful warmth.

Part of an EP for Puzl records which Nick Garcia says “was inspired by the machines I used to make it. I’m always looking for ways to bring technology to life and bring out the souls hidden inside each piece of software and hardware I use in the studio.”

Well safe to say he succeeded!

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