Palms Trax – Essential Mix 2018-01-13


Palms Trax – Essential Mix 2018-01-13

An Essential mix debut right here for London’s Palms Trax and the mixing is jaw dropping on this mix. It’s quite difficult to pin this mix down as it flows seamlessly through many different strands of house, huge synths abound, big basslines, sun stoked vocals, big percussion, it’s really got it all. There is definitely a tip of the hat to the late 80’s / early 90’s in there but it’s fresh and exciting at the same time.

Despite it’s early date this one will be definitely be in the pot when it comes to picking the stand out Essential mixes of the year.

Full tracklist below


Guillaume Teyssier – Vortex Disco (Murray Lake Remix) [Tigersushi Records]
Lord of The Isles – Geek Chic (Kuniyuki’s Journey Remix) [Catune]
Toulouse Low Trax – Second Trip [BEKO DSL]
JC Project – Andromedia [Miaw]
Nicole Willis – Heed The Sign (Jimi Tenor Remix) [Puu]
Plus Instruments – Love Is Enough (Jamie Paton Remix) [Emotional]
Angela – I Gotta Little Love [EMI Electrola]
Tony Moore DJ – Tonight [Sensation Records]
Salentino – You’l Be In Paradise (Instrumental) [Real Sound]
Lemonade – Dancer On The Shore (Jex Opolis Dub) [Alliance Upholstery]
Collins – Autophobia [Giallo Disco]
Mario Moretti – In Love With Nebula [Bordello A Parigi]
Passarini – Wonky Wonky Wonky [Numbers]
Uabos – Mystic Force [Bordello A Parigi]
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Brothers (Mix Gabi) [Dean Records]
Lipelis – Children Song [Animals Dancing]
Colm III – Take Me High (Mansion Mix) [Ruby Red Records]
Virginia – Blue Pyramid (Khidja Remix) [Dark Entries]
Azura – Paraiso ’89 [World Building]
The True Underground Sound of Rome – Sonic Crystals [Vibraphone Records]
Mr Raoul K – Africa (12″ Version) [Mule Musiq]
Ess O Ess – Cantillate (Chida Remix) [Not An Animal Records]
Pussycat – Le Chat [Ace Records]
Lucy Montenegro – Lucy In The Sky [Moustache Records]
The R – Higher [Electronic Emergencies]
Jeff Mills – Imagine [True People]
DJ Normal 4 – Purity 0% [Klasse Wrecks]
Thursday Club – Westway [Kram Records And Productions]
Bushwhacka! – 4 Da Night [Oblong Records]
Jackson Changura – Niyekele [Iris]
Bob Holroyd – African Drug (Rhino Mix) [Mondotunes]
Lars Bartkuhn – Elysium [Neroli]
Nu Era – Octahedron [Omniverse]
Shokazulu – Part 4 [2000 Black]
Brown Sugar – I’m Going Through Changes Now [Capitol Records]
Philip Balou – Ain’t Nothing Like The Love [NEFER]

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