LV Premier – Smoove & Turrell – Violet Hour (Max Sedgley Remix) [Jalapeno Records]


North East band Smoove & Turrell have become real icons on the UK Soul scene over the last decade and a half. Delivering albums and singles aplenty alongside an electric live show which has seen them tour Europe and entertain festivals across the continent they continue to build a voracious following.

Their 2023 album Red Ellen was another landmark in their storied discography and now they are re-visiting it with a series of remixes from Aroop Roy, Max Sedgley and Slynk all bringing their own inimitable touch to proceedings.

Our premier today is Max Sedgley’s energetic and smile inducing remix of Violet Hour with Max adding some bubbling electro funk ass shakin’ bass and consequently driving this one straight to the festival dancefloor.

Grab Max’s Remix of Smoove & Turrell HERE

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