LV Selectors 78 – Sean Roman


Sean Roman has collaborated with Toronto Hustle and Javonntte on a brand new EP Detoronto which lands imminently via Jimpsters excellent Freerange label.

Featuring four sublime house cuts, it’s a classic deep and euphoric release, timeless and utterly enthralling. Lead track Deep In This, which lands as a main mix and Late Nite Dub, and flip Fall in Love, which has a heavy hitting Demuir Remix, all scream quality. Indeed, these are tracks that are so good that they feel like they have always been there as part of house music fabric.

Javonntte delivering luscious vocals on both tracks. If the deeper edges of house music are your thing then this is an unmissable EP. From the loopy drive of the Deep In This Late Nite Dub to the feel good Jazz licks of Demuirs remix and the powerhouse future classics vibes of Deep In This it’s an EP where each track has it’s place and will be hammered across the globe by all the right heads. You can expect to still be playing this EP a decade from now, it’s that good.

We asked Sean to step up to the Le Visiteur decks to provide the latest installment of our Selectors series and he has delivered a seriously classy mix packed with his own tracks. Check it our above and you can grab the tracklist below. Make sure you give it a share on Soundcloud and help us spread the love x

Grab the EP HERE with the original mix of Deep In This available right now.

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LV Selectors 78 – Sean Roman – Tracklist

1. Kerry Chandler – The Breeze
2. Rotty – Honesty
3. Toronto Hustle & Sean Roman – Deep In This
4. Sean Roman & Kelly – Highest Calibre
5. Sean Roman – Untitled1
6. Roberta – Feel Like I Feel
7. Toronto Hustle & Sean Roman – Fall In Love (Demuir’s God Speaks Remix)
8. Wallace – Papertrip
9. Rotty – Yeah I Love
10. Sean Roman – Untitled2
11. Sean Roman – Cry No More
12. Folamour – When U Came Into My Life

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