Iraina Mancini – Ten Tracks That Made Me.


The brilliant Iraina Mancini – DJ, producer, a singer, songwriter who has been heavily influenced by music from the 60’s and 70s, French Pop, Psychedelia, Serge Gainsbourg and Vintage cinema. Her debut album ‘Undo The Blue’ was released in 2023 to much critical acclaim. Her look and sound has been described as luxury pop, with the sort of vocal that harks back to an era where Jane Berkin and Phil Specter ruled the style world. Holding a regular spot on London’s Soho Radio, and appearing at the Wild Wood Disco Festival in June, we thought it would be ace to ask Iraina about some of the tracks that made an impact on her musical world.

Alongside Iraina Wild Wood Disco has a host of ridiculously talented selectors and LV favourites appearing this year including Dan Shake, Ruf Dug, Flying Mohito Brothers, Guy Williams, Make a Dance and Erol Alkan.

You can check out more on Wild Wood Disco and grab tickets HERE and the full line-up is below. It’s easily one of the coolest festivals out there this year.

Wild Wood Disco 2024

Iraina Mancini – Ten Tracks That Made Me.

Towanda Barnes – You Don’t Mean It

I’m a massive Northern Soul fan, I used to raid mydads 45s when I was a little girl, so the records are nostalgic to me. I used to dance around the kitchen to them and have spun them ever since in clubs! This song is killer, and Towanda’s vocals are amazing.

Mavis John – Use My Body

My boyfriend played me this a few years back and it blew my mind. Pure tropical island disco/funk, one of the sexiest groove’s I’ve ever heard. Now hand me my cocktail!

Otto de Rojas & Los Ultra 76 – Choice las Caderas

Literally no one cannot dance to this, such a crowd pleaser. Amazing record by pianist Otto de Rojas from Peru 1976. The Samurai remix is great. It’s so uplifting and a perfect record to play on a summers day at a busy festival. I’ll be bringing this to Wild Wood!

Tamiko jones – Let it Flow

Sweet, Slinky, disco, soul. I never get tired of this record. I first heard it at a club in Paris years ago, I ran over to the DJ and asked him who it was. It then led me on my love affair with the brilliant Tamika Jones, what a voice!

Funky Nassau – The Beginning of the End

One of the first vinyl records I bought was Funky Nassau! I still play it nearly every set. Glorious, uplifting classic that makes me happy every time I hear it.

James Brown – Got the Feelin’

I’m a massive James Brown fan (who isn’t?). But this song has always stood out to me, it’s such a groove. It’s basically early drum and bass, totally ahead of its time and another foot stomper to add the list. James is one of those artists you can play at any party with any age group and people go wild for it. Hearing this record made me want to learn to DJ.

Cerrone – Give Me Love

Absolute classic, I love everything by Cerrone, Supernature of course, but this one I play the most.

Free Youth – We Can Move

Ghanaian hip hop, funk, disco an amazing summer vibe that I fell in love with on first listen.

Donna Summer – Spring Affair

This record is so gorgeous. I nearly always start spinning it as soon as Spring starts, and the weather gets warmer. It’s the perfect backdrop for the longer brighter days. It’s also from the album with the most beautiful sleeve I’ve ever seen, Donna perfectly perched on a crescent moon.

Roy Ayers – Running Away

Nearly always in all of my DJ sets, another classic by the genius that is Roy Ayres. It has that amazing hypnotic bass line and an unexpected xylophone solo that always makes me smile!

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