TKNIK – Baby You Want (Feat. Gamble & Burke)


TKNIK – Baby You Want (Feat. Gamble & Burke)

So what do you do when your brand new single clip is mistaken for Daft Punks long awaited return? That was exactly what happened when Tknik released a 17 second clip of his work in progress last May causing an online frenzy with 40,000 plays in the first few hours while the clip was online. The excitement saw some of the industires heavy hitters Mixmag, DJ Mag and Clash all picking up on and feeding the excitement.

Now a year on French producer Tknik has revealed the finished track which has just been released via Sidekick Music featuring the substantial talents of Gamble and Burke. It’s clear to see that Daft Punk have been a major influence on Tknik likewise it’s got shades of Chromeo. It’s definitely got that undoubted classic French touch feel, however, it also has a brand new vigour and soul aplenty. There is undoubted talent aplenty at play here.

A super track and most definitely an artist to keep a close eye on in the coming months.

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