Capofortuna’s Italo Disco Heaven


With the first EP from the brand new Polymore label, instrumental funky-jazz trio Capofortuna have really kicked things into top gear right from the start. The Punti di Vista EP features 5 tracks of modern synth laden Italo Disco. Pushing creative boundaries the trio have delivered a lush and assured body of work, kicking off with their sublime collaboration with Andre “NEve” Recla. The EP combines nostalgia with musical innovation for a delicious sonic adventure.

You can grab the EP HERE

To celebrate the release of the EP Capofortuna picked 10 of their favourite Italo Disco tracks delivering us straight to Italo disco heaven.

Capofortuna’s Italo Disco Heaven

1 – The Sound Work Shoppers (Piero Umiliani) – Discomania – (1978)

Umiliani is one of the most prolific composers of his time, famous for library music used in movies and television. He’s also the writer of the famous Mah-nà mah-nà song! This epic space disco funk was used as the theme of “90° Minuto”, an Italian sports tv show from the 70’s.

2 – Charlie – Spacer Woman (Original mix 1983)

Cosmic disco classic. This melancholic masterpiece is produced by Maurice Cavalieri, who was also in the Firefly band. Most of the good electronic disco was made under “Mr Disc Organisation” label and Full Time Records. Villalobos made this famous.

3 – Chrisma – U (Part 2) (1977)

Maurizio Arceri and his wife Christina were pioneers of the punk/new wave scene, in 1977 they made this incredible version of Demis Roussuos’ disco hit “I Dig You”, with Niko Papathanassiou, brother of Vangelis, who produced the original track. Family business turned into brilliant synthy space disco funk!

4 – Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk

This needs no introduction. A must-have for every DJ, one of the most important records of all time, still fresh! It was recorded and mixed in Rimini Studio Records in 1982, engineered by Mario Flores who helped us design our new studio in 2020 in the Rimini skyscraper – where Studio Records was originally located. We thank him for this gift and we try to keep the legacy alive.

5 – Gaznevada – I.C. Love Affair (1983)

Gaznevada too was a punk band which turned its sound into electronic disco. This seminal track from 1983 is a perfect example of cosmic disco. Driven by synthesisers arpeggios and spacey female vocals, hypnotic beat and a melancholic hook, it’s just too good!

6 – Lama ‎– Love On The Rocks (1983)

“Love on the Rocks” is an electronic version of “Il Veliero” by Lucio Battisti, originally released on his 1976 album “Lucio Battisti, La Batteria, Il Contrabbasso, Eccetera”. Released as a B-side, this record found its way into many DJ’s bags. Celso Valli is the man behind this operation, one of the most important songwriters, arrangers and producers. He was in to disco and pop acts like Azoto, Tantra, Macho, Matia Bazar and many more.

7 – Shitân – Disco Shitân (Extended Version) (1977)

Milano, 1977. Pino Presti sure is the funkiest bass player around, he made this track inspired by a traditional Lebanese groove as we learn from the record’s liner notes. It’s a cosmic disco galore, with a hypnotic breakbeat, stomping bass, funky flutes and horns, some weird synths and a spacey voice. All Afro/Funk/Cosmic DJs like Daniele Baldelli, Mozart and Rubens played this record.

8 – Expansives – Life with you (1983)

Obscure electronic disco track from 1983 that predates house music. It’s a very raw production but it works just fine on the dance floor. Some weird bass slides, hi-hats, cosmic strings and a vocoder, it’s a good example of forward-thinking music and an original copy is very expensive!

9 – Automat – Droid (1978)

Speaking of forward-thinking music, Claudio Gizzi and Romano Musumarra made this album in 1978, probably taking inspiration from progressive rock and Kraftwerk. In this track the beat sounds like a Roland TR-808 (but it’s surely not!) and it’s really full of electronic and synthetic sound that drives you into space. The whole album is made with only one synthesiser, the MCS70 “the rarest synth on earth”, designed and programmed by Mario Maggi.

10 – Corpo di Linda – Riz Ortolani – (1977)

Another rare soundtrack full of synthesizers, “La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo”, by Riz Ortolani. It’s the same year of “I Feel Love” and we can hear some influences on this minimal disco track. Elements like the typical filtered arpeggio that reminds of acid house – which is really ahead of its time -, the heavy four on the floor kick drum, the dark strings and synths make this a very unique track, impossible not to insert it in this list!

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