Stuart Patterson’s 7 Essential Nu Groove Faith bombs


Legendary London movement, Faith, has been throwing parties, and providing the London and Greater London scene style moves via their infamous Fanzine since the early 90s. Stuart Patterson has been an integral part of Faith – alongside Terry Farley and Dave Jarvis – and as a well-seasoned party promoter he is the king pin for Faith event side.

He ran the mighty East Village in Shoreditch for many years, putting on the best in US underground house talent and as a resident himself. Since his departure from the club Stu Patterson has been growing his global events like Goa, now it its fourth year, and the Andalucia Faith festival which kicks off in under two weeks.

Stu Patterson is a DJs DJ with a skill to make a dancefloor rock. His love of Chicago House, and Detroit tinged tech, ignites dancefloors whenever he plays, be it in the club or on his Mi Soul Radio residency.

When Defected Records took Faith under their wing three short years ago, Faith have gone on to be not just a party synonymous with the seminal London scene, Defected has taken the Faith global.

Stuart Patterson and Terry Farley will be bringing their Faith flavour to the Campo Sancho Festival in Hertfordshire at the end of July. To mark the event, we asked this much respected individual to talk to us about one of his all time favourite labels and some of his choice selections from the mighty Nu Groove.

“Has to be early Nu Groove for me, so many records in my collection from this label from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Whether it’s the reggae house of Bobby Konders, the proto house of the Burrell Brothers, or so many more left of centre classics. Below are just a few in no particular order…”

You can check the Campo Sancho line-up below and grab tickets HERE

Campo Sancho Line-up

Stuart Patterson’s 10 Nu Groove Faith Bombs

Basil Hardhaus 2 – Make Me Dance (Vocal)

That classic off kilter Nu Groove sound and the vocals featuring the Burrell Brothers & Sylvia Simone and the clever sample use of ‘Funkin for Jamaica  really make this record work. A true classic from Nu Groove.

Massive Sounds – Ruff & Massive (Realitytime Mix)

If you love both reggae and house like me, many of Bobby Konder’s productions will be irresistible. This has its foot as much in the roots camp as it does on the house dancefloor.

New York Housin’ Authority – APT 3A

The deep end of Nu Groove, a classic taken from a whole EP of wonder from the Burrell Brothers.

Bobby Konders – The Poem

Originally out as a white label, this Bobby Konders masterpiece lays down some powerful lyrics. It has Nervous Acid on the side – another choice tune made by a pioneer of electronic music. Must have been the most under rated artist of his time.

K.A.T.O – Disco-Tech (3 Piece Suite Mix)

Exactly as it says on the tin – where ‘Disco’ meets mellow tech sounds. A masterpiece.

Underground Kids – Get Up (Club Mix)

The piano, the bassline. Gives me the chills every time I hear it.

Bas Noir – My love is magic (Club Mix)

There’s so much going on this song. Such a great mix. The first ladies of deep house. One of the greatest house anthems of all time.

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