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With a sublime new EP Demucha out on Heist Recordings this week, Crackazat keeps his golden 2022 flowing perfectly. You can check out our premier from the EP Sarge below and a full EP review HERE. Packed with three rather brilliant house tracks with that Jazz infused Crackazat sound it’s another must have 12″.  It’s out this week, make sure you grab it soon through, this one is going to fly.

Grab the EP from: https://crackazat.bandcamp.com/album/demucha-ep

To celebrate the release of the EP Crackazat invited us all back round to his place and dusted off some of his favourite tracks for a very special Back to Mine session. As you would expect from him its a list packed full of immense music fusing jazz, house, hip hop and Latin Rhythms.

Everyone Back To Mine With Crackazat

01. Wayne Shorter – Speak no Evil.

This track is everything I love about jazz. The swing, the attitude, the deep and dark harmonies. I love 60s jazz and this 66′ album is near perfect to me. It informs a lot of the harmonic choices I make as producer.

02. Madlib – Montara

Taken from his shades of blue album 2003, this hip hop cover of the Bobby Hutcherson original perfectly demonstrates the ritualistic gateway to jazz that hip hop was for kids of my generation. Underground hip hop of the early 2000s was such a blast.

03. Dorian Concept – Fort Teen

Fast forward to the late 2000’s and sampling is out the window and a new era of electronic and explorative beat making has exploded. Artists like Flying Lotus were making huge waves and this slightly faster track by D.C at the time struck a chord with me.

04. Floating Points – Truly

One incredibly talented young man made this in 2009. Absolutely stunning and ahead of its time.

05. Iron Curtis – Oh Come One.

“What? One can make house music that swings just as hard as the jazz I grew up on? Could I do this too? Wow do people actually buy this regularly? What is this world of house music?” Said my brain in 2012. Hats off to Iron Curtis.

06. HNNY – For The Very First Time

Honoured to be on the same Label as this man during this period. The unstoppable HNNY on the dedicated Local Talk Records. What an absolutely timeless deep house track.

07. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Timeline

Massive smile on my face when I first hear these chords. I was very inspired and comforted to discover this joyous and extrovert harmony in house.

08. Jamiroquai – Use The Force

There are many Jamiroquai tracks I could pick for this list but this Latin groove in particular gets me goin’ every time.

09. Kerri Chandler, Lady Linn – You Get Lost In It

A new track by Kerri that reinforces the eternal and addictive snap, crackle and pop that is Kerri’s productions.

10. Herbie Hancock – Butterfly

The origins of deep and jazz sonics trace back jazz and funk of the 1970’s. I choose Butterfly (1973) by Herbie Hancock as an example. Rhodes, analogue hardware and a Herbie’s own beautiful imagination make for quite the sonic journey. It was a very important discovery for me as a 16 year old.

As always, thank you for listening,

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