Orlando Voorn – Top 10 seminal Detroit cuts which were ahead of their time


Orlando Voorn – Top 10 seminal Detroit cuts which were ahead of their time

With a long history which has seen him join the House and techno Royalty in his own right Orlando Voorn has been behind a multitude of powerful releases under a long list of pseudonyms. He has more than earned his rightful place in the annals of electronic music.

Orlando’s latest release see’s him land on Heist Recordings for the first of what could very well be a series of releases with the label. His EP ‘Mastercuts’ is incoming any day now and combines a brand new track Be with you alongside reworked and remastered versions of some of Orlando’s undercover 90’s underground hits.

It’s another triumph for Orlando and perfectly sets the scene for another glowing chapter in his already impressive career combining the golden threads which run through his career.

To celebrate the release we asked Orlando to pick 10 of his seminal Detroit 12″s. These are the tracks which have inspired and informed his career.

Orlando Voorn – Top 10 seminal Detroit cuts which were ahead of their time

There are way too many records to mention but here is a selection!

Kevin Reese Saunderson / Funk Funk Funky

Uncut filthy funk banger by Kevin Sanderson the flip side is lovely as well Repetition at its best.

Cybotron / Clear

This record will never fade it’s the perfect electro tune way way ahead of Its time and I am proud to say I have worked with Juan Atkins.

Kraftwerk / It’s More Fun To Compute

Kraftwerk is Detroit period! Whether they are from Germany or not this group was way ahead of everybody and should not be considered away from this genre

Rhythim Is Rhythim / Strings Of Life

A masterpiece. A lot of dispute who actually did what on the record, nevertheless, pure uncut Detroit right here with heavy strings .

Inner City / Good Life

Classic from Inner City. No comment needed.

Jeff mills / The Bells

King Jeff with the Techno Anthem!

Fix / Flash

A hit in Detroit first and then worldwide a year later in all techno do’s. Chunks of P funk and Detroit techno sounds

Format / #1 solid session

I made this in an hour and is considered one of my biggest record successes. Detroit inspired and crossed over.

Model 500/ No UFO’s

The Godfather of Detroit techno lays it down

Sharevari 12/ A Number of Names

Funky Detroit house track very big in Detroit

Grab the EP from: https://heistrecordings.com/album/heist-mastercuts-ep

For more info please check:

Orlando Voorn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orlando.voorn/
Orlando Voorn Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/orlando-voorn
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