Best DJ gift ideas


Are you wondering what the best DJ gifts are for that DJ or producer in your life? Something that really says I love you?

Here Le Visiteur talks you though some of the must haves and most wished for bits of kit that your other half would love to receive! We’ve given a few options from relative budget to all out break-the-bank.

Where we could find them there are links to grab all of these in the UK and the USA.

All prices were correct at time of going to press in December 2022 but may vary slightly over time.

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Arguably the most important piece of kit in a gigging DJ’s arsenal. It’s is essential to get a good pair of headphones and our tip is to get the best pair of headphones you can possibly afford as the better the sound quality the quieter you can have the volume and still be able to mix easily. If you are planning on DJing for many years this is our pro tip to look after your hearing.

All three of these recommended pairs have been tested here at LV HQ and tick every box.

Sennheiser HD 25

Sennheiser Professional HD 25 On-Ear DJ Headphones

One of the finest headphones ever made for DJ’s with 16 – 22000 Hz frequency range.

Classic design, super comfortable and great sound for a bargain price.

£124.95 / $149.95 approx

Pioneer DJ HDJ X5BT K Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5BT-K Bluetooth DJ Headphones

These are my current day to day headphones with a large frequency range of 5-30000Hrz and sound ace.

They are comfy enough from long DJ sessions and have Bluetooth capability.

£135 / $149 approx

AIAIAI TMA 2 DJ Professional Headphones

AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ – Professional Headphones 

These cans are a real industry disruptor. They are completely modular so you can replace & upgrade every part.

High isolation with punchy bass & memory phone cushions. Love it!

£127.09 / $200 approx


Keep your kit safe and secure with these quality DJ bags.

UDG Ultimate Backpack Camo Orange

UDG Ultimate Backpack Camo / Orange

Slim and lightweight but with enough room to fit a Pioneer DJM S9 mixer.

Water resistant. Padded laptop compartment which fits up to a 17″ laptop and plenty of pockets otherwise for headphones, USB’s etc.

£132 approx

UDG GEAR Ultimate DIGI Backpack Black CamoOrange

UDG GEAR Ultimate DIGI Backpack Black Camo/Orange 

The next size up in the Ultimate range for dj’s packing more kit.

Fits a range of mixers and controllers with 5 exterior pockets and s-curved straps for comfort. Front comoartment and detachable pouch.

£154.67 approx

Magma Extra Large Riot DJ Backpack

Magma Extra Large Riot DJ Backpack

I have this bag and it’s a literal beast of a back pack. With tons of space it will fit right up to a Pioneer S11 mixer.

Heavy duty waterproof tarpaulin and lockable zippers. Separate laptop pocket and various pockets / pouches.

£169 / $329.99 approx

UDG Ultimate SlingBag Trolley

UDG Ultimate SlingBag Trolley DeLuxe

The worlds best selling DJ 12″ trolley bag, It holds up to 60 12″s and has smooth rolling wheels for ease of transport.

3 extra pockets so can also hold a midi controller, audio interface & headphones.

£199.99 approx

UDG Ultimate SlingBag Vinyl Record Bag

UDG Ultimate SlingBag Vinyl Record Bag

A medium sized bag which holds approx 50 vinyl records with three large pockets for heaphones etc.

Water resistant Nylon, and foam padded walls for extra protection. Comfy detachable shoulder strap.

£109.99 / $180 approx


The easiest way to start your DJ journey. Plug into your laptop and play, simple as! With a worldwide chip shortage many of the most popular controllers are impossible to source. These are our picks for ones which are still readily available. These mixers run a range of software including Serato, Traktor Pro 3, Rekordbox and there are also 2 stand alone controllers which run via USB and SD card but also make it easy to download tracks from all of the above music programmes.

Pioneer DDJ 200

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 Smart DJ Controller

Entry level 2 channel bluetooth Pioneer mixer with great features for the price. Perfect to learn on or for throwing your own house parties. Compact and lightweight with a pro style layout with EQ and Low/ Hi filter on each channel, 16 performance pads & track sync.

Compatible with

WeDJ (iPhone/Android)

rekordbox (PC/Mac)

djay (iPhone/iPad/Android)

£139 / $199 approx

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3

Native instruments entry level 2 channel Traktor controller. Portable with lots of pro features, 3 band EQ, filter, 16 performance pads with hot cues and samples, library search, sync, key lock. big jog wheels and comes with Traktor Pro 3

Compatible with

Traktor Pro 3

£219 / $339 approx

Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK3

Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK3

Native instruments 4 channel mixer. Motorised jog wheels with haptic feedback, hi-res colour displays, 16 performance pads, EQ, filter and multiple fx. Pro layout with carbon faders stem deck control. 3 modes Turntable, Jog & Beat grid mode.

Compatible with

Traktor Pro 3

£750 / $980 approx

Numark Mixstream pro

Numark Mixstream Pro Controller with Speakers

Another stand-alone controller with 7″ touch screen, 6″ sensitive jog wheels and smart Scratch. Crossfader, 3 band EQ, sync, 8 dual layer performance pads. 2 USB ports for easy changeovers, Wifi Capability and onboard speakers with volume control.

Compatible with

USB / SD Card

Wifi Streaming

Import from Serato, Traktor & Virtual DJ

£589 approx

Dennon Dj Prime Go

Denon DJ PRIME GO Controller

A stand-alone 2 deck system with 7″ HD touchscreen. Touch capacitive jog wheels FX module, 3 band EQ, performance pads & Wifi capability. Rechargeable battery for 4 hours of DJ performance. It also has a USB & SD media source inputs.

Compatible with

USB / SD Card

Wifi Streaming

Import from Serato, Traktor & Virtual DJ

£1084 / $999 approx

Pioneer DJ DDJ 1000

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

Professional layout with 4 decks, 16 multicolour performance pads, customizable LCD jogwheel and dual USb ports for easy changeover. Magvel Fader, Beat FX and Colour FX from DJm mixers. Runs Rekordbox as per playing with USB drive on the NEXS2 decks and mixers. Get club ready!

Compatible with


£1539 / $1999 approx


Looking to buy a gift for a vinyl DJ, check out these great record decks.

Audio Technica AT LP120XUSB Manual Direct Drive Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Manual Direct-Drive Turntable

Direct Drive with a DC servo motor, die cast platter, and a AT-VM95E cartridge.

Converts records to digital files via a USB output

Built in switchable phono pre-amp for photo line level output.

£239 / $349 approx

Pioneer DJ PLX 500 K Direct Drive DJ Turntable

Pioneer DJ PLX-500-K Direct Drive DJ Turntable

Built to produce high quality vinyl sound.

Converts records to digital files via a USB output

Designed for mixing and scratching and has a switchable pre-amp on the back.

£279 / $329 approx

Reloop RP 2000 USB MK2 direct drive DJ turntable

Reloop RP-2000 USB MK2 direct-drive DJ turntable

Powerful quartz driven direct drive motor. Switchable line / phon output.

Converts records to digital files via a USB output.

Comes with a OM Black catridge (made by Ortofon)

£259 / $533 approx

Technics SL 1210 MK 7

Technics SL-1210 MK 7

The daddy of DJ turntables brought bang up to date for 2023.

High performance, Hi -torque and accurate sound reproduction with incredible reliability.

Aluminum platter, Pitch adjustment +-8 / +-16

£795 / $1299.89 approx


Some great bits of kit right here to make your DJ life much easier and lots more fun.

Pro Ject VC E Compact record cleaning machine

Pro-Ject VC-E, Compact record cleaning machine

Compact, with a solid cabinet. This unit both cleans and removes static from records. With 0.5l tank for fluid.

Keep those expensive records in top condition.

£299 / $400 approx

EvermixBox4 Portable DJ Recording and Live Streaming Device no bg

EvermixBox4 Portable DJ Recording

Easily record your DJ sets with professional quality recording via an IOS app.

Simple plugin and play system which has self attenuation to stop your recordings clipping.

£124 / $144 approx

MWM Phase Essential Wireless 2 Deck DVS Controller

Phase Essential – 2-Deck DVS Controller

An essential piece of kit for anyone wanting that vinyl feel with their DJ software. Works with Serato, Recordbox, Traktor, Virual DJ.

Compact and precise. Love this!

£249 / $449 approx

Roland Aira Rhythm Performer TR 8S Groove

Roland Aira Rhythm Performer TR-8S

Combines the finest Roland heritage with modern production techniques and sound design.

Has every sound from 808, 606, 909, 707 & 727 or you can import your own sounds.

£586 / $649 approx

Ortofon Concorde Mix MKII Twin

Ortofon Concorde Mix MKII Twin

A modern take on the classic Concorde design these stylus have a spherical cut, 3g tracking froce to keep them tight to the vinyl and stable.

They also have a high output volume.

£135/ $200 approx


Taking it all back to where it began, the feel of a rotary mixer is truly a gamechanger.

Omnitronic TRM 202 MK3

Omnitronic TRM-202 MK3

This was actually my first ever rotary mixer as I investigated how they might work in my own DJ set-up.

This is a brilliant bit of kit at what is a complete steal of a price..

Construction is super solid and for what is a steal of a price this is a fabulous sounding mixer.

Highly recommended!

£268 approx

Ecler Warm2

Ecler Warm2

A lovely looking mixer with 3 band EQ per channel, 2band EQ on the mic and 3 band master isolator.

FX send and return so you can add in a separate effects unit and 12 segment LED and PFL VU meter.

3 line inputs and XLR / RCA master output.

A highly rated but affordable mixer!

£548 / $999 approx

Omnitronic TRM 422

Omnitronic TRM-422

The big brother to the TRM- 202, this mixer takes things up a notch but still at a very affordable price.

Packed with goodies including 3 band master frequency isolator, HPF/BPF/LPF filter, 4 stereo channels with gain and 3 band EQ and an adjustable crossfader with VCA technology.

A bargain 4 channel rotary mixer.

£1539 / $1999 approx


There are some truly fantastic mixers on the market right now. Here are a few personal favoruites.

Pioneer DJ DJM 250MK2

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2

An excellent entry level 2-channel mixer from the big boys on the DJ equipment scene Pioneer.

With Straight forward design this mixer has some of the features of the club standard DJM-900NXS2 with sound colour FX filters and a replaceable Magvel crossfader.

Natively compatible with Rekordbox Dj/ DVS. Just plugin and play.

£476 / $500 approx

Allen Heath XONE23

Allen & Heath XONE:23

The entry level mixer for another one of DJ equipment’s biggest players.

This 2 channel mixer is packed with features including the legendary Xone filter, VCA faders, 2 band total kill EQ, illuminated switches, HPF and LPF selector switches, a replaceable cross fader with curve selector for mixing and scratching.

Another excellent mixer.

£303 / $449 approx

Numark Scratch Mixer

Numark Scratch Mixer 

A 2 channel battle mixer packed with tech considering the low price point.

All metal build with bilt in innofader cross fader, performance pads, instant look encoder and covers with Serato DJ pro and is also Serato DVS ready.

With amazing sound quality and multiple hands on effects this truly is a mixer which will let you perform at a very high level for a bargain price.

£389 approx

Pioneer DJ DJM S7

Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 Mixer

A serious battle mixer from the DJ worlds biggest name.

Comes with a free use of Serato’s flagship DJ Pro software and hardware unlock for Rekordbox so you can use either.

Has the brilliant Magvel fader, Large performance pds, large effect levers, Bluetooth input from your phone and loop midi. Also has a voucher for the essential Pitch n time key sift software.

£1349 / $1449 approx

Allen Heath XONE43

Allen & Heath XONE:43

A fully analogue 4+1 Channel mixer with an extra channel which can be used for a mic or playback source with it’s own EQ.

Elegant faders and cues, a three-band EQ on each channel with kill function, and the X:FX.

This unit has professional sound so can be used in a club environment.

Solid and reliable construction

£759 / $799 approx

Behringer DDM4000 Mixer

Behringer DDM4000 Mixer

Over the last few years Behringer have continued to create inroads into the DJ market with their well priced offerings and this mixer is one of their finest offerings.

Packed with effects it’s a 32bit mixer with beat synchronized sampler, 4 multi fx sections 2 BPM counters a digital cross fader and MIDI.

If you are looking for bang for your buck this one is packed!

£348 / $409 approx


Looking to get set up for nightclub style practice grab a mixer and two CDJs / players. Like the Controller market these units have been badly hit by the worldwide chip shortage but all of these units are in stock at time of publication.

Denon DJ SC6000 Prime

Denon DJ SC6000 Prime

A serious competitor to the Pioneer domination of the market Denon have been creating some really excellent players and the SC6000 is a proper bit of kit.

10.1-inch touchscreen, 3x USB, 1x SD and a built in HDD so you store music on the player. 8 performance pads, 8.5-inch jog wheel, Dual-Layer playback and native Serato controller mode.

£1479 / $1359 approx



A nice little starter unit, plays formats CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 so beware it doesn’t handle lossless formats like .wav or .flac.

That said this does everything that you need to get your club practice in with pitch, master tempo, BPM effects and continuous loops with reloop function

£275 approx

Numark NDX500 - Standalone USB/CD Player

Numark NDX500 – Standalone USB/CD Player

Another entry level unit but with all the bells and whistles that you need to get ready for the clubs. As per the DAP CORE this is a standalone media player and plays CD’s & MP3 from a USB thumb drive. Has a touch-sensitive jog wheel, audio interface, long pitch controls and is pre-mapped for deep integration with Serato DJ

£266.29 / $528 approx


Get your practice area organised with these DJ tables, from basic to futuristic.

VONYX Mobile DJ Deck Stand

VONYX Mobile DJ Deck Stand

Nice simple design this table is easy to build and take down again so can be used at home or as a mobile setup.

Adjustable deck, Fully height adjustable, Strong material and design all for a cheap price.

£195 approx

Glorious DJ Table and Studio Workstation,

Glorious DJ Table and Studio Workstation

Classy looking Modular DJ mix station with 6-piece construction with an extendable keyboard holder and good storage shelves for your

£275 approx

Glorious Session Cube XL

Glorious Session Cube XL

Classy futuristic looking table for classic DJ or controller set up.

Built in cable guide with storage space for all the cables.

Not for mobile DJ’s this is a home unit only but will look ace in your studio.

£549 approx

Enjoy your gift hunting, Le Visiteur x

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