Le Visiteur To Support Chic in Edinburgh, Tuesday 21st September


Le Visiteur To Support Chic in Edinburgh, Tuesday 21st September

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I’ve had a near lifelong fascination with the music of Chic and the productions of Nile Rodgers. I started out learning to DJ in my family’s pub a good few years ago now, when I was maybe 9 or 10. I used to come back from school and mess about on the decks which were always set up through in the back room for parties and such like.

There were a bunch of 7’s lying about and my favourites were the 7’s from Chic and Sister Sledge on Atlantic which I used to mix back and forwards between. It was, I guess my first introduction to Disco.

Those early practice sessions set me up for a lifelong career in DJing and spurred my passion for Disco. I’ve still got those 7’s now and safe to say they’ve got a lot of miles on them. A little crackly but lots of sentimental attachment.

I’m over the moon to be supporting Nile Rodgers and Chic in Edinburgh on the 21st September at the 02 Academy.

They are always incredible live, so it’s a highly recommended gig.

If you fancy coming down, check out the event for ticket links and give us a wave from the dancefloor: https://www.facebook.com/events/827448471229354

In the meantime to get in the mood, check out a mix I did a while back with some of my favourite ever Chic related remixes and re-edits that I’ve collected across the years.



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