LV Premier – Bianca – Tabu (Ruf Dugs Extended Caribbean Dub) [NuNorthern Soul]


There’s a great story behind this one, French artist Bianca Binky only ever made a handful of records and is remembered by only most dedicated fans of late ‘80s European synth-pop and crossover house. Her final track from 1990 ‘Tabu’, however, became a highly sought-after gorgeous, tactile chunk of piano-sporting Balearic house, that still remains a loved-up, life-affirming dance-floor gem.

The track became a favourite with NUNorthern Soul founder Phil Cooper who has picked it up for re-release. The original master tapes have been long since lost so Phil flew from Ibiza to Barcelona to pick up the last know mint copy from original producer Felix B Mangione (head of Blanco Y Negro Records), before forwarding high-quality digital transfers on to Faze Action’s Robin Lee for remastering.

The results are superb giving the track a well deserved brand new lease of life pairing the original with a clubbier house mix and a stunning remix by Manchester’s Ruf Dug which we are premiering here today. He has taken this already glorious track onto a whole other level delivering 10 minutes of undulating, expressive hands-in-the-air Balearic piano heaven.

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