Ruf Dug’s Detroit Top 10


Hailing from Manchester Ruf Dug has carved his own very impressive groove through electronic music with a multitude of sell out releases on his own Ruf Kutz label attesting to the love he has from DJ’s and music lovers alike.

His latest release see’s him make a rare appearance outside his own label landing on the ever impressive Wolf Music. Collaborating with fellow Mancunian Lovescene the rather brilliant Make This Right 12″ see’s them take flight from their hometown to the streets of Downtown Detroit creating something of a future classic. Featuring an absolute scorcher of a vocal version, the deeper sparky 808 driven dub alongside an oldschool ‘beat-a-pella’ it’s a masterclass of a release overflowing with production meets DJ know how.

To celebrate the release we asked Rug Dug to put together a Top 10 of his favoruite Detroit jams. As you would expect from a man who lives an breathes the scene it’s packed with stone cold gems.

Grab Ruf Dug and Lovescene’s Make This Right EP from:

Ruf Dug’s Detroit Top 10

Metroplex Social Club – Hubble

For me this one contains all the core Detroit elements – rough drums, super funky baseline, ultra emotive strings and a fuckin mad jazzy solo synth from the future. BIG VIBE

Underground Resistance – Transition

Could jam this list solely with UR tracks and it wouldn’t be a bad thing… only one to pick though and it’s got to be this one for me… vocal gets me every time.

The Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall

Theo!!!! THEEEEOOOOOOOO!!!!! Strings in 4-D!!! THOSE STRINGS!

Model 500 – Starlight

All hail the originator, the biggest genius of them all… I love that as well as being so beautiful and perfect this tune formed part of a Detroit-Berlin dialogue… communication…

Paperclip People – The climax

Probs not long till Carl Craig gets cancelled so play this as much as you can while u still can… one of my original ecstasy tunes this…

Kyle Hall – Down

4th wave? 5th wave? One of the newer Detroit heads bringing the vibes

MIA feat Tek Brothers – All I See

Bit obscure but the soul in this goes deep for days

Los Hermanos – My Mothers Guitarra

U WOT? Funky baselines and guitars? Detroit techno? Really? Yes you bet.

The Martian – Stardancer

More trance than anything the dutch could do – top tip: play it at 33 for Vladimir Ivkovic-beating tackle

Moodymann – I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits

I mean again u could have 10 Moodymann tracks and u’d still have missed out a load of belters… I love this roller soooo much!

Grab Ruf Dug and Lovescene’s Make This Right EP from:

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