Casbah 73 – Lets Invade The Amazon (Edit) [Boogie Angst]


Casbah 73 – Lets Invade The Amazon (Edit) [Boogie Angst]

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Casbah 73 has been on the LV radar for a couple of years now, hitting regularly with some top class releases via the likes of Glitterbox and Lovemonk. He’s a selector with years of experience and that shines through with his productions.

Creating reverential but underground and seriously exciting disco he has made a strong mark in a short space of time keeping to quality rather than quantity on the release front.

His latest release see’s him land on the always excellent Boogie Angst, a label which has exactly the same bi-line so this is very much a match made in heaven.

Let’s invade the Amazon lands this week and sits right at the axis where disco meets soulful house with it’s infectious vocal, bubbling bassline, tight keys and funky as hell guitar licks. You can check out the premier of the edit here.

It comes packaged with the hi energy laser synth boogie of Splash of Blue, a track so joyous that you had better make sure that you have plenty of room when you put it on as it’s a definite dance like no-one is watching moment.

We have a full interview and mix in coming with Casbah 73 this week so make sure that you check back in for that.

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